Being Confederate
RE: <<<Be Confederate
Dear SHNV Friends,
On June 13 Chuck published a very insightful note from with observations that could have benefited all of us in the Southern movements:
I appreciate these kind words, but of course it was I that submitted the fulmination in question, not rodbren. I chime in only to save him from being thought as supposedly "extreme" or "hate"-ful as myself. (the late
great Dr. Robert Clarkson and I have our own SPLC page, formerly with picture of yours truly — search "attack of the cave people".)
Reading my commentary again I feel a clarification may be needed for some: slavery is of course relevant in the real world, and irrelevant only in the fantasy matrix the System has built for the strategic purpose of stampeding whites and Southerners into hating themselves out of existence.
That is not a joke or the slightest bit of exaggeration. Their behavior meets the description of genocide in the Genocide Convention, to which the yankee fedgov is a signatory. Yes — it’s GENOCIDE the media, government, churches, schools and other institutions are pushing on the two groups in question. Literal genocide, even on themselves in many cases whether they think of it that way it or not.
The liberating truth about Southern slavery (e.g. that it was the most humane form ever seen on earth, comparing favorably with the slavery pervading yankee states then and today; that many Southern slaves were
paid for their work and bought their freedom; that utopians and liberals are totally disqualified from bringing it up by dint of their shocking hypocrisy and demonstrable irrationality; that it was not a simple black-on-white situation, etc.) is published in many fine treatises going back to before 1860.
But I earnestly hope no reader of SHNV misses the fact that the defamation of Southerners and caucasians is an actual tactic in a real war against us. Yes, a WAR by people who hate these two groups and want them physically wiped off the face of the earth. The conflict has gone on for easily 200 years – the “Civil War” was merely the part in which yankee hate boiled over into actual invasion and attempted extirpation.
The fact that many in enemy ranks are Southern or white themselves doesn’t change a thing. Much clinical dementia involves actions, conscious or otherwise, that tend toward the destruction of self or others. Clinical dementia, NOT good intentions or mistaken viewpoints etc., are what is at work here. We fail to see it at our peril.
The definitive modern work on this ground is the pamphlet Hate Whitey: The Cinema Of Defamation by the great Michael A. Hoffman II. It covers the Southern aspect beautifully despite the author’s several Northern
locations and seeming lack of any Southern roots. I personally guarantee that anybody who gets a copy will be glad they did.  Y’all got me going all over again. I’m glad!
Nelson Waller