Beck and Barton…again
Back when Glenn Beck first appeared on FOX I warned people that this guy was not all he appeared to be.
A couple of years ago Beck and a minister named David Barton (Barton has a site called “Wallbuilders”) claimed that the Confederate Constitution had in its title, “The SLAVEHOLDING States of the Confederate States of America") They also claimed that the Confederate Founders mandated that any future state wishing to join the Confederacy would have to be a “slave state.” Both claims were patently untrue and the mistake, or lie if you prefer,  can be easily exposed with some simple research. Other than letters from a few nobodies like me however, these two liars went unchallenged.
It appears that the two are at it again….going after the Confederate boogeyman, this time focusing on Nathan Bedford Forrest. I do hope that by bringing this bare faced lie to the attention of the readers of this newsletter, that somehow, someone with some clout, perhaps an historian on our side, will give these guys “the cold steel” of truth and expose their lies.


Bill Vallante
Commack NY
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Just wanted to let you guys know that I caught your act on "Nathan Bedford Forrest" recently. If the story of noses growing longer each time a person told a lie (ala "Pinocchio") were true, the two of you would need flatbed trucks to haul your schnozzes around.
Several years ago I saw the two of you partner on a lie that the Confederate Constitution contained the title "The Slaveholding States of the Confederate States of America" – There is of course, no such phrase or title in that Constitution. On that show you also claimed that in order for a state to join the Confederacy that it had to be a slave state. The records of the 1861 Constitutional Convention in Montgomery Alabama clearly show that this is not so. So then, either the two of you never read the Confederate Constitution or looked at what happened at the Confederacy’s Constitutional Convention and are lying, or, you simply made a mistake. I’m opting for door number one. You both are liars. Now it appears that the two of you are at it again, this time with Forrest. I guess you can’t understand the difference between "allegations" and "truth"….or…. you both are lying again.
Beck, I smelled a B.S. artist the first time I saw you. Stop trying to pander to Black Americans by attacking what you perceive to be "bad guys" on the Conservative side. Anyone who knows what bull***t smells like knows what you are." Barton, I’m not a very religious person and you are a minister….so you tell me…doesn’t it say somewhere that lying is a sin?????
Bill Vallante
Commack NY
"Since the war began I have captured many thousand Federal prisoners, and they, including the survivors of the Fort Pillow massacre (black and white), are living witnesses of the fact that with my knowledge or consent, or by my order, not one of them has ever been insulted or in any way maltreated."
From the HQ of General Nathan Bedford Forrest July 25, 1864, (Official Records of the War of the Rebellion)