Beauvoir may house Jefferson Davis statue

The Associated Press • February 11, 2009

BILOXI — The “Sons of Confederate Veterans,” which has been looking for somewhere to place a statue of Jefferson Davis for more than a year, may have found the spot.

The director of Beauvoir — Davis’ last home — says he’d love to have the life size bronze sculpture of the former President of the Confederacy.

Richard Forte says the statue of Davis, with his hand extended, looks like it’s welcoming people to Beauvoir.

Plans to locate the statue in Richmond, Virginia fell through and a push to place it on the grounds of the state capitol in Mississippi doesn’t look good. That gives Beauvoir an opportunity.

The new statue depicts Jefferson Davis with two young children. One is his son, Joe Davis. The other is a young African-American boy named Jim Limber, who was adopted by the Davis family. It’s a story not widely known.

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