Beantown basics


A recent book review by the great William Norman Grigg inadvertently throws useful light on one of the main subjects demanding our attention:  yankee corruption and criminality through the centuries.

How Whitey Bulger Bought Boston
The Brothers Bulger: How They Terrorized and Corrupted Boston for a
Quarter Century, Howie Carr, Warner Books, 342 pages

For anyone to whom it’s not absolutely clear, the reason we have to rake such muck is very simple: self-defense. yankees to the north and west of us work around the clock to defame us, our region, our heroes, our values, our religion, our history, our ancestors, and everything else about us they can get their hands on.

Due to the power of the mass media, we have only one choice: put up a defense or become the hissing and byword of today’s and tomorrow’s ameriKa, with the PC mandarins in other countries following the yankees’
suit. Such a defense would include ing yankee hypocrisy by highlighting the filth of yankee morals, culture and society — turning their own guns around on them as they so richly deserve.

Articles like the above article are like money from heaven. For many years Boston had the reputation for starchy propriety and New England rectitude. No doubt it sent many troops to help murder Dixie a few generations earlier in the most grotesque showing of moral indignation this hemisphere has ever seen. But I wonder if Boston isn’t in fact another paragon of evil like New York or Chicago. Seeking out the Irish mafia online, this article quickly surfaces

……in which Boston is already mentioned four lines form the top. The Nationalist Times print newspaper’s online discussion forum is down for renovation, otherwise I’d start a new thread on the shocking turpitude of this yankee mecca.

Truthfully, I’m sick of being a muckraker. It’s just great indicting your oppressors of the worst crimes in the universe, quite often with info gathered via their own informational channels. But you do feel dirty after awhile. I fight on only because the truth has got to survive, or we’re all doomed.

I certainly mean no offense against anybody that’s Irish (as I partly am) or any Dixie defenders in Boston, Chicago or anywhere else. Merely trying to forge tactical solutions to the problems at hand.