RE: Be Confederate


Dear SHNV Friends,

On June 13 Chuck published a very insightful note from with observations that could have benefited all of us in the Southern movements:


We spend far too much valuable time and energy responding to the hate-baiters that permeiate American society. The lower ignorant classes in society who constantly chatter about our flag are useful to their rulers and will continue this nonsense as long we agree to participate in this baited dialogue exercise.

He said,

1)  Southern slavery is completely irrelevant to anything.

2)  The Southern slave thing is a completely contrived, artificial, FAKE non-issue.

3)  We are discussing this thing over and over for generation after generation of time, arguing about it, trying to work through it et al., but for ONE reason ONLY: the victors write the history books.

4)  They’re still calling the tune, we’re still dancing to it – it’s no more noble or glamorous than that.

5)  ALL our problems are due to the fact that we’d rather wallow than fight and demand what’s ours, including the historical record.

6)  To worry over the fact that Lee and Stonewall had slaves and may have partly fought for the right to keep them (IMO, they did) is unthinkable.

7) . . . and we’ve all got to find some way to hate ourselves over it . . .  all context has been DELIBERATELY and TACTICALLY removed from the subject.

8)  . . . our rulers today decreed long that America must be smashed to pieces, and they determined that the quickest route to that goal was by hammering the most vulnerable part of our psyche, the race thing.

9)  "Civil rights" have replaced the Bill of Rights.

10) Somali Bantus are being imported to replace white Americans.

11)  Those who feel bad about Southern slavery might as well take all their money out of the bank and hand it directly over to the Mexican gangs.

12)  IRS is one of the most enslaving entities in human history. It is a blight on the soul and body of this country — and it was another gift of the Lincoln administration.

He concludes that "Southern slavery is completely irrelevant. We don’t have to put up with the subject any longer than we wish. Southern slavery is irrelevant — a firewall against the exposure of yankee crimes of all types. Southern slavery is irrelevant."

"Southern slavery is irrelevant – except as a point of comparison against the real, brutal kind that Yankees perpetrate worldwide, going back a third of a millennium. And in that context Southern slave truth deserves a long, illustrious career."

The point is that we must stop being intimidated and apologetic about slavery. We need to agitate, agitate, and agitate about our enslavement at the hands of our victors, but not as a whine but as a demand for independence.

"torpenhow’s" original article deserves wide distribution and reconsideration.

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