by J. A. Davis

Now comes the news that another of those behind the scenes manipulations has taken place in the Georgia Capitol. At least the participants have thrown up a trial balloon to at least partially test the public waters on their conniving schemes.

Let’s be clear. This is a public lynching of a perfectly well intentioned legislative act to establish April as Confederate History and Heritage Month.

It was planned as far back as August by the Georgia Heritage Council and other heritage activists. There was no hint of legislation in Virginia, Georgia, or elsewhere at that time, regarding apologies for slavery. There is just no connection, and to try to make one of it is nothing more than political opportunism at its best and blatant racism at its worst.

Senator Jeff Mullis and others, introduced it in the Senate and Representative Tommy Benton and others, introduced it in the House. The bill has widespread support in both houses from both Republicans and Democrats.

Nothing was heard of apologies for slavery until the bill had been filed and was on its way to passage in the Senate Rules Committee. Then, the highjacking began. Political leeches seized on an opportunity to turn a well intentioned piece of legislation into a racial issue. These predators have a well known modus operandi for tying everything in public life into some terrible guilt that inures only to their narrow interests.

Here are the facts:

The Confederate History and Heritage Act changes nothing. There is every year in our history a proclamation by the governor declaring such an event. This act only makes it an annual observance without the necessity of the hundreds of proclamations issued by practically every town, city and county in Georgia.

State law already declares Confederate Memorial day in April a state holiday.

More than half the current population of Georgia has Confederate ancestry in their family heritage. This includes people of all ethnicities. Proudly honored are blacks, Jews, Hispanics, American Indians and others, all who served the Confederacy in significant numbers. Confederate descendants take pride in the fact that all races and religions were treated equally in the Confederate military, unlike the Union which practiced segregation in the military, issued special orders for discrimination against Jews and placed the Indians they didn’t kill or pillage, in detention, only to be later robbed of their lands and forced at gunpoint in what became known as the Trail of Tears.

Who is to apologize for what we now know is an American Holocaust that annihilated millions of natives?

Who is to apologize and seek reconciliation for the hundreds of women and children of Roswell, Georgia, who were uprooted from their homes and families and transported to Northern climes. Most were never heard from again. No accounting of their fate was ever given by their Yankee captors.

You want us to trade the honor of our ancestors for an apology to whom? You want to hold us hostage to further your own agenda?

What is the agenda? Make no mistake. Mr. Williams stated it correctly when asked if this apology business didn’t set the stage for reparations. He said something to the effect "that comes later."

Well intentioned Americans have tried to work out reasonable solutions to the constant drive for racial balance and fairness. It is impossible to make compacts or agreements as the agreements are violated by the racial profiteers within months, as they were in South Carolina. Consider the fact if they honestly kept their agreements, they’d be out of business.

Continuing the facts, most blacks are not involved in the foolishness that is taking place. They know there is a small minority among them trying to profit from but another of many events comprising the dark side of American history.

Let’s be clear again. It is sad to hear President Pro Tem Eric Johnson has entered negotiations with political blackmailers. We have differed with Eric about several matters in the past. In this case, it is highly improbable that he would stick his political neck in the noose he has, without the backing or direction of the party higher ups. Eric, for all our past criticism, purely over issues and not personal, is a bright, articulate gentleman. Our guess is he’s fallen in line for a Washington party leadership that is dedicated to attracting blacks, hispanics and any other minority they can by pandering to such things as open borders and apologies for nothing we have control over.

So far, judging from recent elections, the strategy hasn’t worked. Republican increases in these minorities are so few you can count them on your fingers. The Republican party in our view has made a tragic miscalculation that could continue the voter demise taking place nationally, right here in Georgia.

It continues to sadden me when I consider all the years I took as leader of the Republican party in Georgia. With the grateful help of others, we took the state rom 28% to victories at most levels. Recently our efforts have been litte by little, deteriorated by what has become known as "The Stupid Party".

Whatever happened to our dream of good competitive two party politics instead of these back room love fests where everybody loses. Maybe that’s what they call MAD, Mutual Assured Destruction.

It sure makes me mad, how about you? Our ancestors would be mad too. They would have never compromised their integrity or allowed a highjacking of their principles in order to placate a bunch of racist plunderers and their political representatives who pander to their every whim.

God bless you, Jeff Mullis and Tommy Benton and all those with you who have refused to be compromised. We do not forget.

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