Battleflags = Right
Chuck, Tim, Y’all
I have just finished reading Tim Manning’s "Appeal" and it struck me. WTH?
I am a Flagger. I did not take ‘politically correct speech’ classes in school, so I am not familiar with how to talk or act that way in my adult life. Please forgive me.
For 101 years, 2 crossed Confederate Army of Tennessee Battleflags have greeted the citizens and visitors of Reidsville NC displayed on the historic Confederate Monument.(some prefer the term "naval jacks" although the dude at the top is certainly not dressed as a sailor)
Why the push for a historically inaccurate 1st National Government Flag? The war ended in 1865, not 1863. The designers of the Monument settled on 2 AoT Battleflags, not a 1st National Govt Flag.
I have stood with a ANV Battleflag inside the empty circle, so did HK. Restoration of the monument as it was is right. Right is right. Attempting to appease the haters and bigots and racists with a lesser known government flag might feel good, but wont get right accomplished.
I am a Flagger, and I am for right. Battleflag of my ancestors without compromise.
Thanks and God Bless
Billy Bearden
Georgia and Virginia Flagger


Re: Battleflags = Right
Dear Billy,
You know that I hold you and your efforts in great esteem. I was invited to go to Reidsville and stand watch with those wonderful UDC ladies of Reidsville, NC and Jamie Fundhouser stand watch where our monument had stood. Many days we have people in the circle plus others on each of the four corners of the intersection.
This was the way the local UDC wanted to handle their resistance to the NC State UDC and the Reidsville City Council. They wanted other Confederate Flags and not the culturally embattled Naval Jack to represent their efforts to restore the monument.   I chose to cooperate with their determined spirit. Nearly all blacks that drive by shout words of encouragement and give the flaggers the thumbs up sign.
They are taking an approach with which they are comfortable, it violates no moral principle and they clearly have the support of the people of Reidsville.
I do not believe that all of our efforts around the Confederacy must necessarily be uniform in nature, but I do believe it might be more helpful. I would like to see the monuments original base restored which is now completely hidden from view where the roadbed has been built up for the intersection.
I would like to see us win this battle and then discuss other issues. The day of the monuments rededication there can be plenty of Battle Flags.