Battle over a flag

Bob Ray Sanders continues to advertise his ignorance. In his Wednesday column, he wrote, "I’m clearly on record supporting anyone’s right to display the so-called ‘Rebel flag’ on his or her own property." Then he says I shouldn’t be allowed to have it on my vehicle. His car may have a bank loan on it, but mine belongs to me, so that makes it my own property.

Sanders also states, "the Confederate flag, the official flag of the Confederate States of America." while referring to the battle flag. The battle flag was not the official flag. It was a battle flag and did not resemble the official flag.

As far as the battle flag being a hate symbol, many times in the past I have displayed that flag to groups of African-American children, and it was always received as a "pretty flag." It became a symbol of hate only when the NAACP, on the verge of bankruptcy, decided to make it so in order to obtain financial contributions from unknowing citizens.

— Wayne Pricer, Edgecliff Village