Battle of the Flag in South Carolina Continues
South Carolina Flag Rally was held at the South Carolina State House on Jan. 23, 2010.  See some You Tube clips of the rally at below link.
This session is expected to be another fight to move again the Confederate Flag from off the grounds of the South Carolina Capital grounds.  We had the compromise of 2000, in which the Confederate Flag was removed from the Capital Dome, and placed on a flag pole is a secluded area near the capital.  That compromise is no longer good enough and the NAACP type are trying to complete remove it from state property.  The Obama types have failed to keep the compromise and continue to push us into the ground, by introducing legislation to remove the flag from off of state public property.  Further, several Democrat candidates for governor have endorsed removal, and we have had silence from the Republican candidates.
Next Flag Rally, Confederate Memorial Day, May 8, 2010, 10AM to 4PM at the South Carolina State House.
More information about the Confederate Flag and South Carolina at: