Confederate Battle Flags – and the Liberals Bitching and Moaning

Monday – August 4, 2014

Posted by "Jerryd14 -The War – The Confederate Flag – Southern People and our History"

I am smiling today after reading some blogs where some of our neighbors and haters of the Confederate Battle flag and of Southern history, are complaining about having to see the very large and beautiful Confederate Battle flag on their travels up and down I-95 in Virginia and on the  private land adjacent the roadway markers near the battle of Savages Station

I earlier stated that the unfair removal of the (2) small legal Confederate battle flags from the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts- CONFEDERATE MEMORIAL CHAPEL was a mistake for the Liberals in a number of ways.


Second, It made it abundantly clear, that all those words of inclusiveness, fairness, diversity, and expression of opinions and ideas is a joke. What these people really mean is the above, only so long as it is done in accordance to the Liberal agenda which is,  anti Confederate history and anything similar,  anti white – pro black, anti Christian – Pro secular humanism and evil, pro Homosexual, Pro Abortion, Pro Illegal drugs being made legal.

Yes, it was clear that we in the citizens of the South, and all Christian supporters, who desire decency, and fairness, and are on the side of traditional America were going to have to take the issue into our own hands, and this meant raising money and constructing our own private flag poles and flags along Americas highways, as well as building our own memorials such as was done in Maryland for our Confederate Prisoners at Point Lookout Maryland POW Camp and some other places over the past ten years. And more and more activities and projects are planned, but guess what, the Liberals are whining, they hate seeing the big beautiful Confederate battle flag, and now they wish like hell they had kept their grimy liberal hands off our memorials and flags, as we will now add more, more flags in our yards at home, more flags and other memorials at various other places where they can do nothing about, unless they wish to start another war like they did in 1861.

It is just amazing that we have such Americans with a total different perspective on fairness, decency, honor, and respect and decency for others, and who will do almost anything to take our rights away. It is downright shameful, and we will not stand for it.

So as a result, we will now hear the bitching and moaning, and more of it as time goes on, and I love it. More flags friends, contribute to the Virginia Flaggers, lets get them flagpoles and flags flying all over the South, I love the sounds the Liberals make when they cannot get their way.

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