Bashing Southern Heritage


I really get tired of people who want to bash anyone who is proud of their Confederate ancestors. So some of them had slaves. If these holier than thou people would just check back on the history of their ancestors in all parts of the world they would find most of them committed atrocities that would make southern slavery look like a day at the
beach. Jesus said "Let he who is without sin cast the first stone". Well in my opinion let the people whose ancestors are without sin cast the first stone.

On the documentary about Robert E. Lee it was stated that Virginia had more slaves than any place in the western hemisphere other than Cuba. Is Brazil not in the western hemisphere? I’m pretty sure they had more slaves than Virginia and Cuba combined. As far as the slaves that were sold to the slave traders went the ones that were sold would have sold the ones that sold them without batting an eye. It was just a fact of life at that time. And to the dude who said their Tory ancestors accepted the results of the Revolution they were mixed in with everyone else here.

They had a choice to go back to England (which was not conquered by America) or stay and fit in. Their life didn’t change all that much other than not being ruled by the King. And as for slaves being raped by their masters. I’m pretty sure that happened but a lot were probably perfectly willing. Yeah, yeah, I know, slave, master thing. I would be willing to bet there are more blacks now that are descended from yankee soldiers than were descended from slave masters and not necessarily willingly. More slaves died in the desert being sold in Africa than died on the ships to America but African slavery is compared to adoption. And as for the 150 yr thing slavery has been over for 150 yrs yet it is still being used as an excuse for everything. If anyone had a soldier in Sherman’s army they were most likely a skank of the worst kind who had no conscience about destroying or stealing everything they could get their hands on from rich and poor, black and white with no regard for what would happen to them. The soldiers at Roswell said they made love to the women. To them it might have been making love but to the women it was rape. The North has had 150 years of white wash and propaganda taught in schools but with the advent of the internet much of it is easily proven to be hogwash.