Banning the US Flag from Public Schools?

By J. D. Longstreet

I must tell you, in the spirit of "full disclosure", that I am a Southern American. My roots go back to the seventeen hundreds in the Carolinas. What you are about to read is a Southerner speaking, from the heart, about my people, my family, and my ancestors.

Every so often the frustration of listening to and/or reading an ill-informed commentary concerning the Southern American, and our history, which I KNOW is based on myth, untruths, and in some cases, just plain ignorance of our rich culture and heritage just causes my cup to run over and I take pen in hand and make an attempt to counter the misinformation. This is one of those times.

My intent is not to cause anger in any reader. That would be counter productive. Consider this piece a "mirror", if you will, in which Americans can see reflected not just what appears on the surface, but which lies beneath. — J. D. Longstreet

If you must ban a flag from American schools for racist connotations and for flying above slavery then you must ban the American flag! Yes, Ole Glory! The US flag, the Stars and Stripes, flew above slavery for 256 years. The Confederate Battle Flag NEVER flew over slavery. It was a battlefield emblem, not a national flag of the Confederacy… and was never recognized by the South as a national flag. You can credit Hollywood for that image.

Our Public Schools should be ashamed of themselves for not teaching American students the true history of this nation, the good, the bad, and the ugly. Teach it all!

Rest assured, there will come a time, in the near future, when someone will sue to have the US flag removed from the flagpoles in front of US public schools. Then we will learn why the Confederate Battle Flag has been singled out as an emblem of slavery (even though it was not) and not the US flag, which WAS the flag of slavery, gets a pass. If you cannot wait ’til that lawsuit to find out, just recall this: the victors in any war get to write the history books about that war. Understand, Southern Americans feel the US government, (read the northern states) are still punishing the states of the Old Confederacy for having the intestinal fortitude to pull out of a government gone bad and create a government of their own, which would rule it’s people by the laws of the original constitution handed down by the founders of this country.

The US, today, suffers under the rule of a nearly omnipotent federal government, unlike anything the founding fathers dreamed of… in their worst nightmares. The Southern states that made up the Old Confederacy saw it coming, did not want to be a part of it, and pulled out. We Southerners are a part of the US today, ONLY because we were forced, at the point of a northern bayonet, to rejoin the Union. If we dare protest the abuse of our ancestral history, as Southerners, we are immediately slapped down. The South today has garrisons of US troops permanently situated all over our sacred soil. Like the Romans of ancient times the federal government is taking no chances!

Southerners are, in fact, a different breed of American. Our ancestors came here from a different part of Europe. We are Celts, for the most part. We chafe under the rule of a powerful central government, as did our Celtic ancestors in Europe under the rule of Rome.

The continual repression of the Southern people is, at some point, going to backfire, as it did in 1861, all over again. More and more Confederate Battle Flags are going up on Southern homes, on skyscraping flagpoles along Interstate highways, over Confederate monuments, on clothing, on vehicles, on nearly everything. You see… we WILL have our battlefield emblem, the Cross of St. Andrew, as our rallying point. It is a reminder to the People of the South that even though the Confederate government surrendered; the people of the South did not! The Confederate soldiers went home, and did not continue the fight, only … ONLY… because Gen. Robert E. Lee asked them to do so. Lee later said that had he known the North was going to do what it did to the South, after the war, during the so called "Reconstruction period", he would NEVER have surrendered and would have, instead, died with his sword in his hand.

Every time a court rules against the display of a Confederate Battle Flag it stokes the fires of latent southern anger. Those fires are raging now nearly as high as they were in 1860. More and more Southerners are taking steps to ensure that Southern history is NOT buried and not forgotten. There will be more and more challenges to what is so obviously a violation of the Constitution’s First Amendment guarantee of free speech.

In the spirit of equality for all, we must take down the US flag from all public schools. It is the flag of slavery… and, you have probably heard… the Ku Klux Klan uses it, too. We cannot allow such a reminder of racism and bigotry, and even genocide (reference to America’s genocide against Native Americans) to be on display at a place our youngsters are sent for an education. Oh, NO!

Do you see where this is going? Those of you who insist on defaming our beloved emblem, the Confederate Battle Flag, and the judicial system’s insistence on removing it from public display, even in honor of one’s ancestry, have begun something that is going to grow, exponentially, over the coming years until it consumes this nation. You cannot repress people, especially Southern people, for long. Our temperament will not allow us to live that way. Keep your eye on Dixie in the coming years as pride in our heritage, pride in our ability to come back against all odds, and a yearning for the freedom the original US constitution guaranteed us, spurs Southerners to take charge of their destiny once again.

When you insult us, when you insult the flag of our beloved Confederate soldiers, it only makes us more determined, more sure of our self… and our cause.

No, we have not forgotten, nor will we ever forget.

J. D. Longstreet

Copyright © 2008 by Guest Author

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