Re: Banner of shame flaps over Tampa – St. Petersburg Times
My fellow Southerners:
The actions of Dan Ruth and the St. Pete Times (A Liberal Rag) do not surprise nor shock me what so ever; instead this reaction was to be expected once Barry Hussein Obama took command of the Federal Government on the 20th of January.
What is important now is that we Southerners stick together for we are under assault and will be under assault for at least the next 4 years. The Liberals and their hounds of hell in the media will be licking their chomps to finally drive Dixie and her people down for good.
In only Obama’s third day in office he has reversed a Federal funding ban on abortions, mandated that only "people of color" will receive employment recession / assistance from the Federal Government, ended many programs that kept terrorists from attacking us again, and has given the liberal Congress a Trojan horse economic stimulus plan which will turn the American economy and with it the Southern economy into a system of entitlements similar to the one in use over in Socialist France.
Trust me things will get worse as time progresses and we can not let Mr. Ruth get away with his pre-emptive bigoted and prejudice attacks against our people. In response to this bigoted attack I urge you all to call the St. Pete Times and cancel your subscriptions if you have one, and even if you don’t call them up and pretend that you do.
Contact advertisers and sponsors and complain about the St. Pete Times to them and don’t forget to state that you will not buy their product or use their service in response to Mr. Ruth’s article.
The trick to fighting these windbags is to make your voice heard and the only language the media speaks is one of money… hit them where it hurts which is their wallets!
God Save Dixie & God Bless the South!
Morgan Sweeny
SPFL Vice Chairperson
Southern Party of Florida