Banner of Hate?
Rebuttal comments to this tripe:
A nation’s flag, a banner of hate

Dear Mr Will Nevin,

With at least 2 awards ( a 1st and a 3rd place )for being outstanding in your field, I commend your efforts and motivation. The imaginative ambush interview with Tom DeLay was pretty sneaky!

With this opinion however, you have ventured from Opinion Column editing into History Major, and have failed miserably, as the opinions of a Book Author, 1 Columnist, 1 Sophomore and 1 Freshman do not lay the foundation of any Doctorial Thesis on the subject.

In your opinion, you inform your readers you have an ‘interest as long as you can remember’ but you claim no Confederate ancestors, which by default gives you no emotional ties to the flag, just as no matter how educated and caring a Pediatrician is, their can be no complete and full understanding unless they themselves were a parent. At best you would appear to be an outsider looking in.

It would be morally wrong for me to make a statement along the lines that "Every reader of Playboy Magazine are porno freaks and hairy palmed degenerates and that is the only interpretation there can be and see, my Pastor and these 2 Catholic students agree with me." And it is likewise disingenuous of you to state waving the Flag only glorifies carnage and slavery.

It is true that the Southern Cross or Battleflag of the Army of Northern Virginia was created strictly for soldiers on the battlefield by the Generals that led them, and after the war, the old soldiers used it for reunions up until the 1950s. It was the Veterans themselves who created the logo used by the Sons of Confederate Veterans, which contains the square CBFANV.

I am no mathmatician, but I believe the correct answer to the question is 221 years. Please correct me if I am wrong….

Slavery was said to have started on the North American Continent around 1640, and was granted it’s 1st legal standing in 1655 (when Black freeman, husband, and wealthy property owner Anthony Johnson was granted by a Virginia Court "Lifetime Servtitude" of Mr Johnson’s former Indentured Servant

[of 14 years and counting!] John Casor – a poor Black.)

For the sake of argument let us take the 1640 time. British, Dutch, Portugese, and Yankee ships are dumping thousands upon thousands of Africans into Northern Ports like Boston and New York. This is celebrated on New Yorks’ own state flag – with the tiny little masted ship depicting ‘commerce’ of the early 1700’s.

From 1640 until the establishment of our united States Govt in the form of a ratified Constitution in 1787, slavery was mainly a northern enterprise, perpetuated by northern ships and northern financial institutions, but eventually became an American way of life for 143 years.

74 years later, in 1861, the Confederacy was formed. Slavery was already solidly enshrined into the U.S. Constitution, and the Confederate Constitution did the same thing – EXCEPT they outlawed the Slave Trade!

While the War Between the States was raging and the Southern States continued the already 217 year old American practice of Slavery, Yankee states like Maryland, Delaware, West by God Virginia, Kentucky, Missouri, and even New Jersey continued it as well. Another 4 years till the War’s end and right up until 8 months after Pres Lincoln died Slavery continued – only being stopped by the 3rd version of the 13th Amendment. That brings us to a total of 221 years of American Slavery (only 4 for the Confederates!)

You would tell your readers of CSA Vice President A.H. Stephens ‘Cornerstone’ speech as if he alone was the sole individual who could possibly be the only spokesman for the Confederate People.

That speech of which you are so fond of was a poorly second had transcription based upon, er, well, let’s just let Mr Stephens speak for himself this time:

"As for my Savanna speech, about which so much has been said and in regrd to which I am represented as setting forth "slavery" as the "corner-stone" of the Confederacy, it is proper for me to state that that speech was extemporaneous, the reporter’s notes, which were very imperfect, were hastily corrected by me; and were published without further revision and with several glaring errors. The substance of what I said on slavery was, that on the points under the old Constitution out of which so much discussion, agitation, and strife between the States had arisen, no future contention could arise, as these had been put to rest by clear language. I did not say, nor do I think the reporter represented me as saying, that there was the slightest change in the new Constitution from the old regarding the status of the African race amongst us."

Now to gain a better understanding of Mr Stephens feelings on the Slavery subject, let us listen once again to his eloquent words:

"My own opinion of slavery, as often expressed, was that if the institution was not the best, or could not be made the best, for both races, looking to the advancement and progress of both, physically and morally, it ought to be abolished. It was far from being what it might and ought to have been. Education was denied. This was wrong. I ever condemned the wrong. Marriage was not recognized. This was a wrong that I condemned. Many things connected with it did not meet my approval but excited my disgust, abhorrence, and detestation."

The Confederate Flag has as much to with White Supremacy as does the Christian Cross, Holy Bible, Stars and Stripes, or the spatula in my kitchen drawer – that is a mentality, a belief, a certain mindset, not a symbol or icon or piece of cloth. Your opinion is not based in reality or truth, but then you are in the media 🙂

I wonder if Ms Blevins or Mr Gleaton, or yourself for that matter really understand who the real white supremist politician was in 1861…
…President Lincoln

God Bless
Billy Bearden

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