A banner day in history?
From: torpenhow@charter.net
RE: Nikki Haley Stands Behind Confederate Flag
I can’t believe it. Finally, the SC governor comes out with a statement that she doesn’t plan to pander to the NAACP re the CBF like all the others except Sanford did. And a former gubernatorial spokesman writes a piece declaring the flag meaningless and the subject useless? Can we actually believe this view is becoming current among the chattering classes?
Ms Haley has just gone from protesting that there’s not enough support for moving the flag to saying she supports the so-called compromise. The difference between the two positions is like the choice between an arsenic sandwich and a castor oil cocktail — nowhere near anything like real nutrition — but semiotically it’s like night and day.
The former stance is a copout; indeed the very act of answering a racist hate group like the NAACP is a very bad move from the gitgo. Her new stance is a slam against political correctness, however durable it may prove.
The so-called compromise was a treacherous act of pure political cynicism and revolutionary Hegelianism. Haley’s statement that it’s a thing all of South Carolina can support is a good attempt at staving off the mad dogs ("it went thataway"), but… why once again is she on this subject? Because the NAACP — true to what it said all the way through the conflict — is still waving the bloody shirt over it.
And even as FITSNews’ pundit is spewing contempt at the Flag, he reports that his site’s own poll brought an avalanche of pro-Flag sentiment. Thrilling is his news that a considerable percentage of participants want it back up on the dome where it belongs. That, my friends, remains the ONLY logical, reasonable, beneficial, truly progressive, classically liberal position on the subject.
Only one thing will tell what’s really going on in the Governor’s mind — time. Her statement may in fact be a barometer reading to the effect that the political cesspool in Columbia actually understands that it had better not go there. That’s how politics works too.
Eternal vigilance is the world. I want to believe the best in this thing, but we’re keeping on the issue till the Flag is back in the THREE places of honor it was stolen from on 7/1/10.
Stealing is a crime. Criminals need leg irons, not dialog.
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