Baltimore parade
Dear Mr. Cummings:
It was sad but not surprising that you have been banned from participating in the "official" event on April 16th in Baltimore. Indeed, it shows just how blind, stupid and tyrannical the City government is when in an event commemorating the War of Secession, they do not permit one side to be represented. Are they suggesting that the Yankees fought each other? Certainly there were no Confederates in the huge parade for the GAR in Washington after the War, but I had supposed that the Sesquicentennial was about history and even the present Marxist revisionist version admits to their being two sides in that War!


I would strongly suggest that the Maryland SCV and UDC – with whatever financial help you can get from other sympathetic camps and chapters – widely publicize your own march. Since most of those who support the other side are either too ignorant or apathetic to care for anything that doesn’t come on an I-phone or an X-box, the chances are that your march will generate the greatest attendance. We have already heard the plaintive wails of establishment hacks regarding the fact that it is our side planning events and memorials while there is little or no interest by "the Yankees" to do anything other than say bad things about us in the press and on the internet.
It would certainly be a feather in the cap of your camp if your event created far more interest and public involvement than that of the Quisling City administration. Perhaps you can distribute Beast Butler targets for various archery and shooting competitions. After all, it was dear General Butler who trained Baltimore’s guns on her own citizens courtesy of noble, kindly Abraham Lincoln that paragon of Christian concern and constitutional freedom.
I certainly wish you the best of luck and a very large audience.
Valerie Protopapas (Lady Val)
Re: Baltimore parade
Dear Miss Valerie:
It is always good to hear from you.  We  really appreciate your articulate and reasoned  response to the decision of  the miscreants that currently occupy positions of power in the City of Baltimore not to allow our Confederate ancestors to be represented  in the city sponsored “procession”  on April 16.
I can absolutely  assure  you that the Maryland Division, Sons of Confederate Veterans and the members  and leadership of each  of our  twelve  Camps are doing everything  possible to make the SCV and the Confederate reenactment community  aware of this injustice. We are all working diligently toward  having the  largest possible   turn out  of  uniformed Confederates, and their patriot supporters,  for the true Commemoration Parade starting  at 8:30 a.m. from Fells Point in Baltimore amd marching to the President Street Station. 
Thank you so much for your continued support.
With kindest regards, I remain your most obedient servant,
G. Elliott C. S. Cummings
Col. Harry W. Gilmor Camp #1388
Sons of Confederate Veterans