A Balanced View
From: davidjcate@comcast.net
To: wmshnv@thesouthernamerican.org
While I respect and honor my Confederate veteran ancestor, Stephen Gallatin Kennedy, I also respect and honor my Union veteran ancestor, William Lea Cate, and I see the good and bad on both sides. I for one grew up knowing that the Civil War was about more than slavery. However, Southern heritage sites like yours attract some revisionists who say that the South was NOT fighting for slavery. The Texas Ordinance of Secession from the Union says that that belief is a lie. Given that lies are of the devil, the implications about those who hold that revisionist belief are interesting to say the least.
For that matter, I respect and honor my Loyalist/Tory Julian ancestors. After the Revolutionary War they accepted the situation, rolled up their sleeves, and went to work under the new system. They did NOT throw a cry-baby snit for 150 years over their sacred lost cause
David Julian Cate