Chuck:  Based upon the recent conversation in the newsletter about increasing Federal control over the states and citizens, might I offer a suggestion to enable the South to reclaim financial independence from the Federals. 
I’m sick and tired and mad as hell and I can’t take it anymore.   It is time to DO SOMETHING.
The Feds are attempting to hold all states in continued financial subservience to the central government by bribing our governors and mayors to take the money from the bailout package.  The bail out package money is for repair, maintenance, and upgrade of streets, sidewalks, and government buildings.  It does not promote economic development by supporting new business recruitment in our local towns.  It does not provide manufacturing jobs which build a product to be sold and consumed by our voters and folks who work for a living.
Please review the list of the some of the projects in GA.  The complete list can be called up at:
Might I suggest that we begin a movement here and now to contact our mayors, governors, state representatives and senators and request that each of the southern states REFUSE acceptance of their earmarked portion of the stimulus bill.  
Request our elected representatives earmark this money for each states Economic Development team to contact offshore suppliers (i.e. Sony, Hitachi, consumer/industrial good manufacturers)  to build factories locally in each state to manufacture products which are currently imported from them offshore.  De-globalization is the rallying cry for this campaign.
These jobs will enable our citizens to reclaim their manufacturing jobs which were shipped offshore by American business, the politicians, and NAFTA during the past 40 years.