Mahfood Resignation Marks End of Employment for all Four Anti-Confederate Flag Conspirators

Missouri Department of Natural Resources Director Steve Mahfood resigned on December 28th,2004. According to the Columbia Daily Tribune , "In 2003, he ordered Confederate flags removed from a pair of historic sites after U.S. Rep. Dick Gephardt, who was running for president, said the flag shouldn’t fly anywhere in the country. Confederate heritage groups protested that decision."

All four ORIGINAL Missouri Wall of Shame members are now out of a job.

The Missouri Flag Campaign feels that this is proof positive that the restoration of the Confederate Battle Flag at Higginsville Confederate Cemetery and the 2’cd National Confederate Flag at Fort Davidson State Historic Site in Pilot Knob, Missouri is an important issue to Missouri voters.

Is it not enough that this very issue ruined Democratic Representative Richard Gephardt’s chances of winning the Democratic Party’s nomination for President of the United States?

Is it not enough that Missouri Governor Bob Holden became the first sitting Governor since the War Between the States to lose a primary election?

Is it not enough that the former Speaker of the House Catherine Hanaway, refused to allow legislation introduced by fellow Republicans, that would have restored the Confederate Flags in Missouri, to pass? And that even though she received massive funding , even from the NRA, that she lost her bid to become Secretary of State?

Missouri has a new Republican Governor, Lt. Governor, and Speaker of the House. Perhaps Mahfood finally read the writing on the Wall, and decided to bow out gracefully before getting "canned".

All four former politicians (and original Missouri Wall of Shame members) that helped remove the Confederate Flags in Missouri are now unemployed.

We have also heard that the legislation to restore the flags will be reintroduced. Given the circumstances we feel that the chances that this legislation will pass are excellent.

Thanks to all of those who have flown, and continue to fly our flags, we encourage more Missourians to proudly display their favorite Confederate Flag, we still have flags left if you want one!

Also we encourage you to write our new Governor and State Representatives in Missouri and urge them to restore the flags, honor our past and protect our future. (You can do this by using the Congress. org button below.)

Or Email Missouri Governor Matt Blunt or Missouri Speaker of the House Rod Jetton and ask them to restore Missouri’s Confederate Flags.

Clint Lacy

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