Re: Confederate flag gives bad impression of Tampa
Below is the idiot’s comment and my response.
Letter: Island Packet on line:
The article about Tampa, Fla., being such a beautiful place for the Super Bowl, was very interesting to me as my wife and I passed through there on our way to Fort Myers, Fla., the weekend of the Martin Luther King Jr. holiday.
We were on Interstate 75 heading south when we passed a huge Confederate flag flying right beside the highway and less than a half mile from MLK Boulevard. It was still there when we came by on our way home. This was on MLK Day and this flag was as big as the American flag that used to fly at the old Ford dealership in greater Bluffton.

Is this really the city for a Super Bowl?
Don Travinski
Hilton Head Island

Response to same:
Ah, the Super Bowl! The measure of all things not super but stupid! While Americans fixate on useless games and mindless celebrities, the nation dies a slow and ugly death. The culture is a cesspool, the government is run by cheats and thieves and the liberties for which our ancestors fought and died are traded away for a mess of socialist pottage.
On the other hand, the noble flag demonstrates that there are still some people willing to stand against the cancer of political correctness and proclaim their God-given rights that were once protected by a now defunct Constitution.
‘Twould seem that the honor of Tampa is better served by the banner of liberty than by a stupid game designed to keep the sheeple quiescent until they are completely enslaved.
Lady Val