From: T and Pam Warren
Sent: Friday, June 15, 2007


I believe this is the first post I have made here in over five months. The skinny of the story for those who may or may not be interested .,……I had several months of treatment for physical exhaustion and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder…..

Having been to hell and back I am grateful to feel good enough to write to say that last week Pam, Mayme and I spent five wonderful days in the South. I attended my first Ga. Division SCV Reunion, and was not only thrilled to be in the company of my camp Commander, and several camp brothers, but a host of good friends I hadn’t seen in years, as well as blessed to meet many folks I have corresponded with for several years but, had yet to put a face to the name.

Pam and Mayme attended the Order of Robert E Lee meeting, (Mayme took third place overall in a Southern Heritage photo completion), and had the distinct privilege of being escorted to the BBQ by Mr. Dewey Barber of Dixie Outfitters, while Pam and I went out to supper for the first time alone in over three years.

We were once again graced by the ultimate in Southron hospitality at the home of Ga. Brother Russ Huffman and his charming wife Suzzane, as well as his sons.

As usual the trip was long, eventful and we saw a ton of beautiful places and made several new friends. Our old van was in need of some patching up before making the haul but that expense is best summed up in the following true but somewhat humorous manner.

Timing Belt……………. $65
Water Pump………….. $58
Spark Plugs/wires…… $44
Two Oxygen sensors $152
4 cheap new tires $192
Alternator belt $17
labour to install what I count…….$260
Motel bill, registration, food , fuel
5 days amongst friends in Heaven…………………Priceless

Thanks to everyone who made the trip so worth it all. May God Bless the South and her people for being the continual anchor in our lives.

T and family