Augusta Riverwalk

Ms. Chantelle Janelle,

There is a large Confederate conscious and proud population in the U.S. composed of both blacks and whites which has been growing in numbers due to the attacks on their Christian views and Southern symbols. They are clearly being polarized by the media and misguided politicians who use the Confederate Battle Flag to manipulate and court black and socialist voters to their own personal gain.

The flag "issue" is totally bogus, political not moral issue, and it is only used to make a minority population think that they need more government to protect them from a mean and nasty group in society, the ever-hated and dangerous Southerner. Empires have maintained power as they were failing and declining from power by playing one segment of their population against another segment of their population.

Southerners and Christians now know beyond any doubt how hated they are by today’s agnostics who control the media and the political agenda of public discussion. More clearly than ever they see that neither major political party feels like they can win if they respect the truly Christian or Southern voter. The ugly head of American totalitarianism overshadows all previous concepts of American liberty, freedom, toleration and prudent judgment.

Southern voices will one day be heard. These will be the Southern voices of today and they will not be just an echo from the past. Will they need to be provoked to the point where one day they come to the point of burning our cities, public schools and media sources in order to gain public respect and their civil rights? This is what the blacks felt they had to do in order to be heard by the dominant political plutocratic establishment during the 1960’s. It is beginning to appear that the only voice modern politicians and the agnostic socialists in the U.S. are immorally capable of hearing are the voices of money, avarice and violence. This is the nature of all empires with their radically centralized governments.

Such actions as the one you so easily approve of in your news article about the removal of a Confederate flag from the Riverwalk in Augusta are not so much contributing to the downfall of the U.S. Empire as it is a symptom of a falling empire. Empires do not have to be conquered. They fall under their own weight of totalitarianism and misguided self interest.

Tim D. Manning
Executive Director
North Carolina Heritage Foundation
160 Longbridge Drive
Kernersville, NC 27284
(336) 420-5355

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