Trey Jewell – Let Her Fly

CLICK HERE to listen to "Let Her Fly" by Trey Jewell.

This song is dedicated to the Confederate Flag. It was performed at the World’s Largest Confederate Battle Flag Dedication Day in Tampa, Florida on April 25, 2009.

Why The South Must Rise Again

Sermon by John Weaver.

To listen, CLICK HERE

Audios – Truth About The Confederate Battleflag

Truth about the Confederate Battle Flag CD – Now Online!

The message below from Tim Pilgrim is about producing 10,000 copies of an excellent CD. The CD is "Truth about the Confederate Battle Flag" by Pastor John Weaver. The CD’s will be distributed throughout Georgia or where ever you distribute your own copies.

If you have ever complained about the bias in the media, consider helping distributing this message of truth about the Confederate battleflag throughout the country.

If you would like to listen to the CD by Pastor Weaver, it is on the Georgia 12th Brigade website at: 

Audios – What Dixie Outfitters and Southern Heritage Mean To Us

Recently, Ray McBerry of Dixie Broadcasting  visited the headquarters of Dixie Outfitters to interview several staff members on what Dixie Outfitters and Southern Heritage mean to them. Click on any of the names below and hear their words for yourself.

To listen to these files, you will need an MP3 Player. CLICK HERE to download one free.

     Dewey – Chief Executive Officer
     Sissy – Chief Financial Officer

     Ken – Webmaster