Auction History


Having been transplanted from Missouri to the State of California, when I would go to an auction out there, I never heard the term "Colonel" associated with an auction.

When I moved back home for good, I would go to auctions and hear Auctioneers referred to as "Colonel". I asked several of them why, and they simply said that it was traditional, but they had no idea why.  Well, folks, today I read a story about a Lady Auctioneer in the Rural Electric monthly paper. This Lady went to Auctioneer school, here in
Missouri, and was taught that during the War Between the States, Colonels in the Union Army were appointed the wonderful task of auctioning off the "Spoils of War". Ain’t that a Bitch?

They evidently had a regular, on-going Theft-Fest going on. Just another fact, showing the raping of The South. Shame on them, once again.

No wonder my GrGrandmother and her Dad always referred to "them damned Yankees."

Rick Myrtue, in Missouri
Deo Vendice