A story from Auburn Alabama directly related to the Virginia Flaggers

From: georgiaflagger@joimail.com

Well, looky here! I just stumbled on this article. Dejavu all over again.

OK yeah, so it is in Auburn.. How does this relate to us on the Blvd?

It is directly related to Confederate stuff, and the UDC, and me.

Mentioned in the above piece is reference to flags and Pine Hill cemetery.

I spent 5 minutes in 2009 with my finger in Auburn City Councilman Dowdell’s face, lecturing him just how wrong he was for snatching 4 stick Confederate flags from CSA graves in Pine Hill Cemetery there.


But even before my 15 minutes of fame, the story involved the UDC.  Seems the UDC was witness to this blatant crime. The SCV called for prosecution. Local and state politicians begged for charges to be pressed. The UDC REFUSED to press charges against thief Dowdell. They let him escape. The UDC also refused to show up at the next City Council Meeting that had a packed audience over that very issue.

LadyVal has been telling us of this very fact, that the UDC allows flag thieves to walk unpunished, but are quick to hit 9-1-1 if someone with a Confederate flag touches UDC property, and she is absolutely correct.

The UDC even used special security officers to forbid SCV CiC Givens from touching UDC property. I bet any UDC member is not harassed up in Columbia at Elm Springs with threats of jail or cries of violating 501C3 laws!

Had charges been filed then, Dowdell would not be playing his race card from the city podium like in the 1st story, so we can thank the UDC for Mr. Delorenzo’s recent and unfortunate grief at the hands of their councilman.

Billy Bearden