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Most of my doctorate is in school law. That case involved protesting. This was an offensive message to others in school and disruptive. She was suspended for profanity and racial remarks. The other girl was respectful and we dealt w/ parents well without suspension. Interesting how facts and opinions are swayed. Without people not knowing them all.

Paul V. Mitchell>>>


Dr. Mitchell’s response confirms something I suggested in my book "It’s Not What You Know: The Battle to Control How You Feel About History". Students can look to the Tinker case for a defense much more readily if they claim they are "protesting". This can be termed a protest against the "American Culture War", "Eradication of Southern Culture", "Southern Cultural Genocide", etc. etc. That tact will allow the student to employ Tinker as a defense much more readily than if the student says they are simply exercising free speech or showing pride in their heritage.

Reading Mitchell’s remarks I think he is acknowledging that shirts and symbols are more difficult for a school to ban if the student can claim to be making some sort of "protest".

Odd, how a "protest" is less disruptive than simply showing "pride" but that’s the nature of the illogical government school system these days.

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Gordon A. (Tony) Thompson

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