Explanation-Attacks on Confederate Flag

From: james king
To: delwhowell@house.state.va.us

To: The Honorable Speaker of the House Mr. William J. Howell,
      Please read my article posted below explaining why the Confederate flag is under attack.  Sir, you should not be a party to such treachery and treason as the planned conversion of America to Secular Humanism and Socialism.
James W. King
PO Box 70577
Albany Georgia 31708
America was founded as a Constitutional Federal Republic composed of a Limited Federal Government and Sovereign States. Nations must evolve to survive. However the problem is they always evolve too much. All change is not for the better. World history records the death of every former empire. Nations evolve to the point that they stray from the foundations that they were built upon and decline until they cease to exist. America has evolved too far and is following the same path to destruction that the Roman empire followed 2000 years ago. The only anomaly is the South’s fight during 1861-1865 to retain Constitutional Government. The Confederate States of America fell battling under the banner of "States Rights".  Confederate principles are  1. Limited Constitutional Federal Government  2. States Rights  3. Christian values. 4. Resistance to tyranny.  Excess immigration (excess numbers of slaves), corrupt politics,  and destruction of family values destroyed the Roman Empire and immigration (illegal and excess legal), corrupt politics,  and destruction of family values are destroying the American Empire.  Wal-Mart’s recent decision to join and support homosexuals as part of their diversity program underscores the decline of family values. They refuse to adopt Confederate principles and values as part of that diversity program.

   Southern Senators and Congressmen voted against the destructive bills that were voted into law by the other sections of the country. Georgia Senator Richard B. Russell and Senator Strom Thurmond of South Carolina were two of the most stalwart. Southern "common sense" has almost ceased to exist in American Government.  The Northern Socialists who own Hollywood and the mass media actually control America. Through movies and TV the American public are unknowingly brainwashed. They believe they are watching harmless fictional entertainment. Research proves that young people develop and form values, opinions, and beliefs while watching such "harmless entertainment". They are being indoctrinated for the coming "New World Order"–A Socialist Godless "One World Government" under the United Nations. Hitler and Gobbels understood the power of propaganda and the Northern Socialists that control America do also. They want Americans to eat Big Macs, watch TV programs like Seinfeld and vote in sham elections and be proud to be Americans. We should be proud to be  Americans but we need to realize what is happening behind the veil of propaganda.

   When the South lost the war in 1865 Confederate General Robert E. Lee told his men to go home and be good Americans. Southerners did this and have fought America’s wars in larger numbers than any other section of the country. Yet we are attacked by the media and made the nations whipping boy and the butt of jokes as "gratitude" for our contributions. Why? Because the South is the most Christian Conservative part of the nation. These liberal socialists have two goals for America  1.Destroy Christianity and replace it with Secular Humanism and 2. replace what is left of Democracy with total Socialism. Once they destroy the Christian conservative South the rest of America will fall in line like sheep behind Secular humanism and Socialism. That is the real reason they want to destroy Confederate principles and values. The Confederate Flag and the principles and values it represents are 180 degrees diametrically opposed to Secular Humanism and Socialism. The infamous Communist Karl Marx said "a people separated from their heritage are easily persuaded". So under the "Moral High Ground" guise of black civil rights they have carried forth their propaganda campaign. They are using black activists to unknowingly do their "dirty work" for them. They also use what the infamous Communist Lenin called "useful idiots" to help accomplish their agenda. Those who are helping destroy Confederate heritage fit in this group– "white liberals with a guilt complex".  Liberalism is all about "feelings" as opposed to "fact". These "useful idiots" also include Southern politicians who help remove Confederate flags which are a symbol of the principles and values America was founded upon.

  The politically incorrect 752 page book "The South Under Siege 1830-2000" by Frank Conner explains in detail what has happened and is currently happening in America.  It is available from Amazon.com or from myself jkingantiquearms@bellsouth.net

   In the United States of America, there are only two directions left. Either we will reclaim our heritage, or we will surrender our Constitution and Sovereignty to the chains of slavery. The most compelling question that the people of the United States have always grappled with is how to build a government strong enough to preserve order and yet leave society free enough to prevent tyranny.

James W. King
Albany, Georgia