Attack on Lee-Jackson Flags
Posted on newspaper website today:
First, let us be honest. The government in Lynchburg has no right to abrogate the First Amendment of the Constitution and the rights of its citizens or the citizens of Virginia or any other state in the United States. Whatever the various opinions on this issue, the fact is we are dealing with OPINION which by its nature is subjective. What is glorious to one man may be an anathema to another – but in NEITHER case is it something that can or should be determined by any organ of government. Indeed, the only thing that government CAN do is put the matter to the vote and let the will of the people decide. But even in that case, limiting or forbidding ANY symbol is itself limited to the public space. But in the present case, even that fundamental step has not been undertaken and all we see are timid politicians terrified into compliance by threats from certain favored groups that their members will be "offended" – and the liberal use of the race card – an enemy of freedom if ever one was created. Parenthetically, it is interesting to note that the very word "racist" was coined by Leon Trotsky, a friend of Lenin. 
There are people of all races on BOTH sides of this issue and race must not be a criteria of judgment for that reason alone. But even more important, we must remember that if one man’s rights can be taken away by "political correctness," then no man’s rights are safe. And, finally, it is better to suffer that which we do not like in order to protect that which we do and to be "tolerant" of those with whom we disagree – lest our INtolerance come back to bite us in the end.
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