Assistance needed
Mr. Edgerton,
My name is Christopher Brang.  I am a member of the 22nd North Carolina Inf. Co. A and the 18th Virginia Calvary Co. G.  I am experiencing trouble at my high school with the Confederate flags.  It is not uncommon for me to wear t shirts with the flags of the Confederacy on them, and catch some flack for it.  I had two stickers tapped on my computer with the flags on them.  One said "Preserving your heritage is not a hate crime" and the other said "There’s a good reason it’s called the battle flag, and them trouble makers are a-fixing’ to find out why".  I am not a racist man, nor do I support any one who uses our ancestor’s flag in such a disgraceful way.  My Vice Principle, is a former re-enactor, and is supporting me because he knows that I have come from a long line of southern families, and that I do not use it in a racist, red neck way. We are going in front of the school board at the end of the year to see if we can get rules changed, but I have my doubts that we will have much luck with these yankees. I have seen you at work before, and you come highly recommended to me. If you could be of any assistance, it would be greatly appreciated. I live in a little town called Mercersburg Pennsylvania; it is located in the south central part of the state.  If you wish to contact me, my email
Respectfully Yours in Service,
PVT Christopher Brang
22nd N.C. Co. A  —  18th Va. Cav. Co. G