The Assault on Southern Heritage Heats Up

By CopperHead, Lady Val

From what I have read, it seems every two minutes or so, another column is written by someone somewhere which defines the Confederacy, its symbols, Southern history and traditional Southerners as hateful, racist and even as "Nazis". Nowhere are any dissenting voices heard to answer to these often abysmally ignorant diatribes except for those few responses from readers in "Letters to the Editor" or "comments" sections of newspapers and websites. In other words, only one side of this issue is being presented while, at the same time, there appears to be no attempt on the part of the publication to monitor the accuracy or even the intelligence of the "columnist" to whom that publication has provided a public forum.

There may be a reason for this sudden spurt of vicious propaganda and that is that as the South is over-run by illegals on the one hand and "Yankees" on the other, many Southerners have determined that it is time to speak up in defense of their heritage or go the way of the dinosaur, the dodo and the passenger pigeon. So Confederate symbols are suddenly appearing on things other than mud-flaps and tee-shirts. Normal, hard working, middle class men and women of the South are starting to demand that their proud heritage be treated as something other than a midden and that the symbols of their past be given the respect that the symbols of other cultures and sections are provided unconditionally in society whatever their past histories.

Of course, the response to this entirely just and understandable demand is a resurgence of the ongoing effort to deny, defame and destroy any and all such symbols and to put in place, once and for all, the "official" version of "Southern history" – as written by the North, of course. Anything else – however factually true – is simply unacceptable. The "lynchpin" of this effort, the club used by the anti-Southern movement against this expression of Southern pride, is, naturally, the institution of slavery. These people tend to translate that institution from the early and mid-19th century, to the 21st century, holding the men and woman of 150 years past to the same moral, ethical and cultural standards that we demand of the people of today. This, in and of itself is unjust and, frankly, silly. In law, one cannot be tried for committing a crime at a time in which the act was not illegal! This is the concept of ex post facto; that is, if it was legal when you did it and it is !! illegal now, you cannot be tried "after the fact".

But, apparently, this is in fact what is happening – and no amount of information to the contrary regarding the issue of slavery vis a vie succession and the rise of a Southern nation makes any difference whatsoever. It is dismissed out of hand. No quote of Lincoln or Grant or other Northern leaders – civil or military – seems to make the slightest impression upon those who howl and bellow their rage and hate against white (and even some black) Southerners. There is nothing that these people will accept but that Southern heritage, history and symbols be consigned to oblivion to take their place in the dusty halls of old museums like a bas relief frieze from some Grecian temple.

Of course, when a Southerner or a Southern sympathizer wishes to display some Confederate symbol, out come the rhetorical knives to flay the offender, usually with ad hominem attacks absent any historical facts or even commonsense. And this goes on and on, building day by day in the media – print and electronic – until the enemies of the South hope the last vestige of "rebellion" has been buried (along with the First Amendment) beneath the weight of "public opinion" derived from a combination of ignorance, mendacity and political correctness.

Is there a solution to this problem? Yes. There are two possibilities. The first – and easiest – is to give in to what many consider to be the inevitable. This will certainly quiet the voices that have been raised against the South both past and present. Of course, that also means that the forces of political correctness and the enemies of individual liberty have triumphed. The second is to continue to soldier on against their wrath. There is no guarantee of success, only of battle. But then, as so many of our ancestors discovered in the past, there are some things worth fighting for. And, again to quote Ronald Reagan, "If not us, who? If not now, when?"

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