SCV artillerymen photo on CBS
A photo of artillerymen of the John H. Reagan Camp #2156 SCV Palestine, Texas appeared on the CBS NEWS website in a Memorial Day Slide show with captions (see link below). The photo was taken by local attorney, Stuart Whitaker, who is a free lance photographer and the local newspaper uses a lot of his photos of community events. The AP picked it up and then was used by several newspapers and CBS.  The photo is of the Reagan Camp’s Val Verde Battery firing a12 mountain howitzer. Our camp’s members were participating at the Texas State Railroad Park during Military Weekend to honor our Confederate veterans and all other veterans. The event was set up with various reenactors to honor war veterans of all wars in our country’s history. The photos in the slide show are all very good and from across the country. Our camp members demonstrated artillery and small arms fire as well as set up a recruiting booth and talked WBTS history with a lot of visitors. It is nice to see something positive about the SCV honoring our Confederate ancestors on CBS even if it is a simple photo and caption.
Marc Robinson, Cmdr.