AJC article on objection to marker
From: kiltedkelly@inbox.com

All this stuff from the GHS is a load of rubbish! I know what their agenda is, I read it in high school in a book called1984.  The marker states that according to myth, only 40% of Atlanta was left in ruins. Like that’s alright. What about the men, women and children both black and white that endured the siege and its aftermath. What about the refugees?
Speaking of spins, get the one below:
As GHS board member Michael Thurmond said to me today the burning of Atlanta marked a turning point in the war and is directly linked to emancipation.
>>> How is this directly linked to emancipation? Pray, please tell me.
Sherman’s destruction of the city and the March to the Sea meant that the United States had all but won the war; and with the collapse of the Confederacy slavery would come to an end.
>>> Yep, waging War on women and children(Roswell, New Manchester, burning and looting in cities and during the March to the Seas) is a great way to convince people to come back into a Union that they don’t want to be apart of.
and with the collapse of the Confederacy slavery would come to an end.


>>> That’s funny . My history book we use in my classroom states that slavery didn’t end in the US until December 1865! Now am not a math teacher but the CSA dissolved in May 1865 and 7 months later slavery ended. That’s 7 months! You know , if it was all about slavery , why didn’t  they past the amendment in 1861 or 1862 or 1863 or 1864? Why Feb 1865?
As far as the destruction of Southern cities homes, lives, etc, here is apart of Lincoln’s call for 75,000 volunteers they seem to ignore or forgotten about
I deem it proper to say that the first service assigned to the forces hereby called forth will probably be to repossess the forts, places, and property which have been seized from the Union; and in every event, the utmost care will be observed, consistently with the objects aforesaid, to avoid any devastation, any destruction of, or interference with, property, or any disturbance of peaceful citizens in any part of the country.
I really hate Political Correctness