Article-Newspapers-Confederate Graves
An article of interest to SCV was in several Georgia newspapers yesterday including the Albany Herald. It originated in the Athens news and the location given in the article is Comer which is near Athens.
The title  is "Georgia Couple Become Caregivers Of Confederate Graves"  It describes the restoration and care of the graves of 2 Confederate soldiers and their parents graves by an ex-marine who moved to Georgia from Vermont and found the graves on the property they bought in an overgrown condition. The former Vermont native stated that he puts Confederate flags on the graves every Confederate Memorial Day.
This is the kind of cooperation and action that all Northerners should give Confederate graves and Confederate history. I don’t know if SCV in the Athens area is involved (if not I think they need to get involved) but this man and his wife deserve a SCV award and should be told verbally and in writing how much we in SCV appreciate the restoration and care of those Confederate graves. We in SCV do not need to let this act of kindness and compassion go unrewarded and unrecognized.
Who is the SCV Brigade commander for the Athens area? SCV camps in Athens area?
You may read the article at ONLINE ATHENS by clicking on the following link
James W. King
Commander SCV Camp 141
Lt. Col. Thomas M. Nelson
Albany Georgia