Arizona Educational System, Media Discriminate against Southern Heritage

November 21, 2013
by aldermanlacy

Raw Story.Com is reporting about an Arizona teen that was physically attacked for flying the Confederate flag on his truck. Following the attack the school suspended teen Jacob Green and his attacker for five days. The story which contains video from Fox-10 in Phoenix , Az comes right out of the gate with its bias, the anchor woman states at the beginning of the story that the Confederate flag is a “Symbol of hate”.  Later correspondent Nicole Garcia begins her coverage by stating ” The Confederate flag has been a constant symbol of controversy in this country since the Civil War and obviously to this day. It still incites alot of emotion, historically , the flag has symbolized a time of oppression and racism”

As I stated, right out of the gate it’s all hate, oppression and racism from Fox News 10 who says that you will only find this story on their station. Unfortunately you find this story in the news from stations across the country and usually they start off with the same anti-Southern bias before their “We report , you decide” policy kicks in.

Raw Story.Com reports:

An Arizona teenager says a classmate may have targeted him in a hate crime and his school has violated his free speech rights over his display of a Confederate flag.

Jacob Green, a junior at Millennium High School in Goodyear, Arizona, said he’d been driving a pickup for six months flying the Civil War flag.

The teen said it hadn’t been a problem until earlier this month, when another student confronted him, and the two wound up in a fight that led to five-day suspensions for each of them…

Green insisted he’s not a racist and researched the flag’s history and found nothing offensive.

“The flag means basically more independence, less government,” Green said. “It didn’t mean racism, it didn’t mean slavery — it didn’t mean any of that. It basically meant what they were fighting for was their right to be independent and not have the government control them.”

Young Jacob Green is correct. Recently the Constitution-News reported the discovery of an 1864 Richmond , Virginia newspaper that quoted Confederate President Jefferson Davis stating the war was not about slavery.

Mr. Green’s civil rights have been violated, he was physically attacked because of his heritage and the school punishes HIM for defending himself.  None of the news outlets describe who or what race his attacker was but let us contemplate another scenario. What would have happened if Green attacked someone else? I have the feeling that Green would have already charged with a hate-crime.  Clearly Southerners are the victim of discrimination and our civil rights are violated on a daily basis.

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