From: Craig Maus

[] Date: Tue, Feb 22, 2011
Subject: Fw: The Confederate Alliance’s reply’s to Mr. Mike Crane…. Are you a Confederate & More?

Dear Brethren (hundreds bcc herein),
Herein & below is an exchange between The Confederate Nationalist ( , an Independent Organization of The Confederate Alliance, and Mr. Mike Crane of The League of the South.
These exchanges and more can be viewed on another Independent Organization’s site within The Confederate Alliance- the North Carolina Partisan Rangers @ .
We Confederates tell you what our plans are and how we intend to achieve our Mission.  Everything we say and do is based upon Historical accord & Law and we go as far to state & show you via citing actual events and occurrences that support our position.  We WANT you to be educated & we want to show you what has been withheld from you.  Each Organization within the Alliance has unequivocally declared their Confederate Identity & has sworn to seek the Restoration of our Confederate Government that NEVER surrendered & was eventually forced into political exile- the result of an Illegal & Un-Constitutionally authorized invasion by the same & now residing current DeFacto Federal Government.
Only two months ago this is what The League of the South declared: "The Confederacy is Dead! Get over it!"— David Jones, the LoS Tennessee Chair person.

Equally, at the ‘Southern’ National ‘Congress’ event that recently concluded, an associate of theirs also said: "Who is this Confederate Society of America and ‘this’ Confederate Alliance? We never heard of them & ‘work’ with proven Southerner’s!"  ( Funny, Mr. Crane posted his comments on the N.C. Partisan Ranger’s site….he knew about us ????? )
When you examine these ‘positions and declarations’, we believe they reveal much.  Equally, one has to wonder what The Confederate Society of America, formed & created in June, 1992,  (, and another Independent Organization within the Alliance, has been saying for so many years- "just think of where the Confederate Movement could have been had it NOT been for those who have mis-represented the wishes of the Confederate People all these years?"
As the U.S. continues to spiral hopelessly into a political, economic & cultural abyss of obscurity, deliberately created by their Federal Government, as was clearly predicted what would happen by the Founders if the Central Government were to supersede the States’ Sovereign Authority’s we,  long ago, saw this coming & is precisely WHY we decided we wanted NO part of of it & decided to get the hell outa here in 1860.
We hold steadfast in that position.
We more than realize and know that unless that ‘last bridge’ back to the Republic is crossed, it is more than OVER for everyone.
The Kabuki Dancer’s and their on-going mantle of "do as I say but NOT as I do" has been the death knell for this land.  ANYONE with an ounce of common sense & logic must see this, for it can NO longer be swept under the rug or hidden in the dirty back halls of their defunct Congress and buried beneath an avalanche of their false & corrupted laws.
EVERY FOUNDER warned of the consequences that would be realized if the Central Oligarchy of Government were allowed to create ALL that they forbid ….ALL of which has been circumvented and corrupted by the DeFacto Federal currently in charge within our Confederate Homeland.
We cannot speak for those outside of the Confederacy but we are willing to bet that once we are successful in the re-seating of our Confederate Congress, many, if not most of their States, will seek entry into OUR Confederacy.  THEIR PEOPLE will demand it for they are suffering for the same reasons as are we.
The ‘party’ is over folks.  It’s end had to come and for ALL the reasons that our Founders predicted…. and for all those SAME reasons why we wanted out & Legally separated ourselves from… beginning in 1860.
ALL Roads Have Always lead to 1865- the beginning of the end of the Republic!
Craig Maus,
president, The Confederate Society of America and Proud Member of The Confederate Alliance of Independent Organizations
Staunch Supporters for the RESTORATION of the LEGAL Government of the South- The Confederate States of America.
PS- In INDEPENDENT Unity their is STRENGTH- and like the Original Republic, it is called a Confederation of Independents.

Sent: Saturday, February 19, 2011
Subject: Re: The Confederate Society of America’s Reply to Mr. Mike Crane…. Are you a Confederate ?

A short debate i had with Mr Crane concerning States Rights.I do believe he has a different understanding of the whole concept that i do.If i am wrong please show me the correct direction…Les
“Your rights are like your muscles. If you don’t exercise them you will lose them.”
LG Cogar

Mr Crane wrote:
Why States’ vs. State’s? In the founding concept of American liberty, the primary purpose of government is to guarantee the rights of the people, which are derived from God.
Mr Cogar wrote:
The purpose of Americas form of government is to give those that would prefer living in Political Society, verses Nature, a place to reside, and is the concept of, Constitutional Liberty.  In the state of nature, it is when man infringes upon another mans freedom that political society (a foundation of government) must be instituted, and those that wish to participate must agree to its form.
There is no laws in nature other than Natures Laws,. The primes is; “we are each free to order our actions and dispose of our persons and possessions as we respectively see fit. Each man’s freedom requires then that all other persons are obligated to allow that man to dispose of his person and possessions as he sees fit…”Loche…(as long as the reciprocation of freedom extends to all others. Les).
It is the need for the redemption of grievance in the Laws of Nature, equally enforced, and unanimously agreed upon, by all men who participate in the bounds of Political Society (government).
Mr Crane wrote:
To accomplish this primary function of government, the power to govern was divided between a person’s State and The (several) States as a group (or the central government). States’ is the plural possessive. It references The States as a group and is thus the same as saying Federal Rights.
Mr Cogar wrote:
An agreed upon compact (governing document) has to exist before an individual State can exist. A territory, or colony, two entities that reside in cooperation with the laws of Nature, have to qualify to some extent with the all governing compact. This is in order that all laws are equally enforced, and applied equally, to all participants in that compact. This is why there is no regard to rights enumerated.

Mr Crane wrote: 
"So you could argue that people today who speak of States’ Rights have lost part of the basic concept before they even get started."
Mr Cogar wrote:
The concept is, that the State is thought of in the singular and the plural at the same time, or, in the singular when specifically needed. The State retains all its God given rights with the exception of those it agrees to relinquish to the national governing body. In effect each Colony that wishes to participate in a Political Society (established government) must agree to relinquish a portion of its sovereignty (natural freedom) in order to reside within the bounds of that Society. It relinquishes only that which is enumerated, and agreed upon, and no more, thus retaining ALL other rights not relinquished or enumerated from it.
Mr Crane wrote:
Why Rights vs. Powers? The second word of the phrase is also misused. Rights are given to the people by God,…
Mr Cogar wrote:
And to the State by the People. At this point the State becomes the advocate of the people in the protection of their rights from infringement by the national governing body. Sovereignty does not start with the national government and then trickle down to the State and then to the people of that State. Sovereignty starts with the person/people and ascends to the State as the people see fit, and to the federal government as the people see fit through the State and its elected representatives. In this instance powers and rights are one in the same thing.

Mr crane wrote: 
"Not to their State, a group of States, or to a central government. States do not have rights;"
Mr Cogar wrote:
The State does have rights, and powers, at the same time. In order to create a State the people elect those they wish to govern them, and to do the work of the commonwealth that best enhances the peoples of that States interests. In this instance those that are elected represent not only the interests of the people of the State but also that of the State itself with regard to the federal government. The right it posses is the right to exist in a compact with other States in that compact, or to withdraw from that compact if it wishes. It has the right to participate in all decisions made within the federal government through its enumerated instruction in regards to legislation that will effect the States plural, or Several States. It retains all other rights and powers not enumerated in the national Constitution it ratified. The right/power to legislate, the right/power to protect, and the right/power to advance its interests in relation to other States within the compact/union. Sovereignty is God given and through the people the State retains ALL but a portion of its sovereignty, right to exist.
Mr Crane wrote:
They have powers to govern that have been granted by the sovereign people. That, Ladies and Gentlemen, is the concept of American liberty. Government at every level is supposed to execute only those powers for which the people have granted the authority. Any debate that begins with the “Rights” of any government at any level has most likely been lost from the outset. Even if the effort seems to have initial success, in the end it only winds up chipping away at our God-given Rights.
Mr Cogar wrote:
Our God given rights were never intended to be protected by the governing body, it has always been “our” duty to protect our rights and has always been intended so. Ben Franklin said some thing like, “What you have created is a republic, the question remains can you keep it”. It is always going to be the duty of the people to retain their form of government when it is self-determination, and self-governance that is the goal. Bottom line is, we have fail in our duty.                              
LG Cogar