Are ye Southern? Are you Irish…then you want to hear Jed Marum!
Too much of being Southern is tied up in 1861…
We need to live being Southern today!  We need to promote the values of the South today!  One man who is doing that is Jed Marum.  His music is fresh, new, but with a message that rings throughout the South! 
I am a man of deep passions.  My entire body rings when the words and music are of a love and pride in the South…and in Erin! (That’s Ireland for you non Irish.)
Jed Marum is the real deal.  If you are organizing an event, whether it be a fair, or a revival of Southern culture Jed Marum is a performer you could organize your entire event around!  He has won a Grammy for his Confederate music!  That’s right a Grammy…for Confederate music!  Jed is as good as his music.
Why am I writing this.  Because I am a black sheep, thrown out of the SCV because I believe in Southern activism.  My pride in the South doesn’t stop at 1865.  Our nation is collapsing and it is collapsing because the values of the original Constitution, the Cause of the South have been forfeit.  I am writing this because music can inspire, it can lift the soul, it can cement bonds between people.  If you know Dixie…you know that’s true.  Well Jed’s music is of that quality!  His lyrics and melodies stir the heart and remind us…we may have to fight.
Like Donnie Kennedy, I am proud to call Jed Marum friend.
All you need do is  go to Jed Marum’s website.   Contact him and work with him to get him to your event. 
And if you need a speaker, a speaker who will NOT abide by the timidity of the UDC and SCV, but instead sees a purpose in calling for Southern political action, and a need for modern day patriots…not reenactments…well, I am available!  Wanna know my thoughts, purchase Southern Fried Ramblings with Grits and All the Fixins at Amazon Kindle for only 2.99!
God Bless the South,
Mark Vogl,  Black Sheep