Are we flagging? New efforts
The SHNV that just arrived had TEN links on the SC flag "issue", most or all of them negative.
Why is this happening all of a sudden to a supposedly "dead issue" a decade after the so-called compromise? Because the vultures and hyenas are smelling blood with the scandal over Gov. Sanford.
I would like to point out to my SC compatriots and to all readers that the enemy never rests — and therefore we can’t either. They didn’t rest the day infamy in Y2K, they have never shut up for long since then, and unless we rise to the occasion with effective action, we’ll lose the flag battle all over again.
Flag haters are a matter of simple math. Like water behind a dam or cancer cells in a body, they look for any slightest sign of weakness and exploit it. Things may look outwardly fine and dandy but they never are — the forces of doom are struggling and seething for their opportunity.
Some friends and I have set up a new organization for the express purpose of petitioning the SC governors and legislature to keep the flag where it is AND restore it to where it was in and above the state house. We seek co-workers. The work is very simple and enjoyable — leafleting cars at festivals around SC. Many thousands have already been distributed this way but far more need to be. There’s a distinct possibility this work is a factor in the left’s renewed hate and lie campaign (ACC and its amen corner in every daily newspaper).
Our other petition, for the federal politicians, is to stop illegal immigration.
We call the new group the South Carolina Conservative Action Council. This is not a cover for or spinoff of any existing group. It has no baggage. Nor is it an attempt to compete with existing groups or to amalgamate them. We just want to get the job done and seek cooperation with all patriots.
Interested parties, please contact me for petitions to copy or plans for leaflet action. Needless to say, each outing is a party too!
We’ve scheduled an organizational for this Saturday. Contact me for directions.
Nelson Waller