This is an event, and a historic event, that will be of national significance. Though we are honoring our ancestors, we all know that this is also a statement, and even a protest, against what is wrong currently in our country and is tied in to the attempts to paint the South and it’s people as some sort of evil doers or miscreants. BULL! To answer this injustice, we will be assembling a group of some of the finest and most respected, dynamic speakers in all the South. And then we also have assembled some great Southern musical talent that will take the stage at alternating times with the speakers. BUT MORE… This will be capped off with Mr Trey Jewell and his band coming in from Nashville, Tennessee and giving a free concert just prior to the raising of the flag. This day is shaping up to become bigger than the sum of all the participants and one of the biggest days ever in Dixie!

I am really excited for our people and for the South. I welcome everyone to forward this schedule to all on your e-mail list. No true Southerner should miss this event.

Deo Vindice,

Robert Lloyd
Entertainment Coordinator
(239) 936-9555


April 25 Show Schedule
(Tentative events for Tampa flag raising)
(Musicians and Speakers)

10am-11am (approx)

(1) Pastor Herman White (Opening prayer and comments 10 min.)
(2) Early Camp Boys (15 minutes)
(3) Lou Stickles (10 minutes)
(4) Chuck McMichael (15 minutes)

11am-12pm (approx)

(5) Bobby Mountain Band (25 minutes)
Dan Gonzales, Chairman, Florida Constitution Party, introduction(5 min)
(6) Dr. Marshall DeRosa (15 minutes)
(7) Robert Lloyd (15 minutes)

12pm-1pm (approx)

(8) Donnie Kennedy (15 minutes)
(9) Maaziah Mountain (25 minutes)
(10) Pastor Herman White (10 minutes)


Headline concert
(11) ‘Trey Jewell’ and Band (45-60 minutes)

(12) Pastor John Weaver (Keynote speaker) (NO TIME LIMIT)
(13) Lou Stickles (to accompany flag being carried to site, 10 min.)
(14) Marion Lambert-John Weaver (dedication) (NO TIME LIMIT)
(15) Robert Lloyd ‘Dixie’ (before flag raising 3 min.)
(16) Robert Lloyd ‘Look to the Stars’ (as flag is raised, 3 min.)