April 2013 is Confederate History and Heritage Month in Dixie!
By Calvin E. Johnson, Jr., Chairman of the National and Georgia Division SCV Confederate History and Heritage Month Committee, 1064 West Mill Drive, Kennesaw, Georgia 30152 Phone: 770 428 0978 or Cell phone: 770 330 9792, Email address:cjohnson1861@bellsouth.net.
Mr. Mike Crane, Co-Chairman of the SCV Confederate History and Heritage Month Committee for 2013 and Webmaster of our Confederate History Month websites.
Contact Mike at: Email: mikecrane@tds.net, Phone: 706-374-2640
And CHHM members: Billy Bearden, John Black and Fred Wilhite and in fond remembrance of member and friend Jeff Davis who passed from this earthly life in 2012 to be with Jesus and Robert E. Lee.
Hello Dixie,
The Sons of Confederate Veterans is asking the Orange County, Texas Board of Commissions to proclaim April as Confederate History and Heritage Month. See Story here and good luck men:
To all of God’s good men, women and children of different races and backgrounds who love true Southern History please read this letter and pass the good news along to Historical Groups, Civil Groups, Church Groups and Everyone who loves the grand Heritage of Dixie. “We pray for God’s Holy guidance and blessings as we honor and remember the great deeds of our Confederate ancestors who served in the Civil, Political and Military branches of the CSA.”
Pass the friend chicken, sweet potato pie, sweet iced tea, water melon and get ready to celebrate the Heritage of the South during April 2013 when Dixie and the American nation will celebrate Confederate History and Heritage Month with stories and events that commemorate the lives of those great heroes like: Jefferson Davis, Robert E. Lee, Stand Watie, Sally Tompkins, Bill Yopp and General Nathan Bedford Forrest. Why did they change the name of Forrest Park in Memphis, Tennessee where Forrest and his wife are buried?
Gov. Nathan Deal of Georgia has signed 2013 proclamation for Confederate History Month, and
In 2009, the Georgia General Assembly approved Senate Bill No.27 and was signed by past Governor Sonny Perdue, officially and permanently designating April as Confederate History and Heritage Month in Georgia.
Please help us during April 2013 and throughout the year to promote Confederate History and Heritage Month with the News Media, the Folks and get proclamations signed in recognition of this memorable time in Southern History from State Governors, City Mayors, County Commissioners and all who will honor the Confederate History and Heritage legacy of Gen. Stonewall Jackson, Pvt. Bill Yopp, Bell Boyd, Sir Moses Jacob Ezekiel, Colonel Ambrosio Jose Gonzalez and our beloved President Jefferson Davis whose Presidential Library will reopen this year at Beauvoir on the beautiful Mississippi Gulf Coast.http://www.beauvoir.org
The Confederate History Month committee has been active since 2011 on Face book and a special thank you goes to Co-Chairman and Confederate Heritage Month Webmaster Mike Crane who signed us up and the weekly total reach has soared recently as high as 9,800 guests and currently 1,426 good folks “like” us. Everyone can be a part of Confederate History and Heritage Month on face book at:  http://www.facebook.com/ConfederateHeritageMonth
The Sesquicentennial Celebration of the War for Southern Independence continues this year with the 150th Anniversary of the death on Gen. Thomas Jonathan (Stonewall) Jackson who died in May 1863.
The committee also recognizes the great works of CHHM member Billy Bearden who has been active in support of the Confederate flag in Virginia and has been responsible for securing many proclamations for Confederate History and Heritage Month. Here is one of his many communications from 2012. Thank you Billy and keep up the outstanding work!
{April 26th, is, since 1874, and according not only to Georgia Statute, but also by official proclamation, known as Confederate Memorial Day in Georgia.
The proclamations come from Centralhatchee, Ephesus, Franklin and Heard County, and are perpetual.
To mark the occasion, Billy Bearden traveled to Yellow Dirt Cemetery inside Georgia Power’s Plant Wansley to visit the soldiers, and check on the Confederate Battle Flags placed on the veteran’s graves for the 2nd time back in October 2011.
After taking about 15 pictures and being satisfied all is ok with the graves and decorations thereon, he made his way down to Franklin town square.
In the middle of the square is a large Gazebo. In ‘front’ of this are multiple panels of engraved bricks with veteran’s names and a plaque designating the walls as the Heard County Veterans Park.}
And in 2012 Compatriot Ben Hestley of Saint Clair Camp No. 308 of Ashville, Alabama reported:
{Every year the Saint Clair County Commission issues a Resolution declaring April as Confederate History and Heritage Month. Numerous mayors in St. Clair County also sign our proclamation/Resolution.}
The CHHM Committee sends a special thank you to the Cobb County Board of Commissioners of Marietta, Georgia who presented the Sons of Confederate Veterans a proclamation designating April 2012 as Confederate History and Heritage Month that marked the 11th consecutive year they have honored us with a proclamation that was aired on Cobb cable channel 23.We may submit another request in April this year near Confederate Memorial Day on the 26th.
And this from Compatriot Steve Scroggins of Warner Robbins, Georgia:
At tonight’s (April 2nd, 2012) meeting of Mayor and City Council, Mayor Shaheen read a proclamation deeming April as Confederate History and Heritage month.  He first allowed me to say a few words and I briefly told the story of William Todd Robins on the notion that many in the room had heard the story of Augustine Warner Robins by virtue of the Air Museum… but many probably didn’t know the story of his father.
Here’s the proclamation with photo of our group in the lobby of City Hall.
Camp #1642 Sons of Confederate Veterans has received the City of Cumming, Georgia Proclamation declaring April 2013 as Confederate History and Heritage Month. Good job guys!
Jeff Wright of Camp McDonald 1552 has sent word that the City of Kennesaw, Ga. will do a proclamation this year 2013 for Confederate History and Heritage Month.
The Committee recommends all SCV members, heritage groups and friends to sign up for 2013 updates at: http://www.confederatehistorymonth.com or the Georgia Division SCV site at: http://confederateheritagemonth.com
The Confederate History and Heritage Month Committee again in 2013 asks everyone to serve as an Ambassador of good will and spread the good word about the April’s Month of Southern Remembrance.
Events scheduled for April include: Saturday April 13, 2013 for the 12th Annual National Confederate Memorial Day at Stone Mountain Park. See information at:  https://www.facebook.com/events/535417356478954/permalink/535417359812287/
The Confederate History and Heritage has information about an attractive Confederate History Month button with Gen. Robert E. Lee and the Confederate Battle flag and also one with Gen. Stonewall Jackson from Custom Buttons USA that can be worn every day of the year leading up to next April. See button at the web site here and type Confederate History Month in their search engine for a special price for 200:
The Committee sent a press release last year for Confederate History and Heritage Month and Confederate Memorial Day and we were interviewed by some in the News Media. Here is the link to 11 Alive TV in Atlanta that was picked up by other TV Stations and newspapers. That’s me! Mr. Paul Crawley interviewed me at my home with the Confederate flag and 1956 Georgia Soldier’s Memorial flag flapping in the wind:
The following was included in the Confederate Memorial Day News Release for 2012 about the yearly display of the Confederate States of America Constitution at the University of Georgia in Athens, Georgia.
{The annual exhibition of the Constitution of the Confederate States of America is annually displayed on Confederate Memorial Day at the University of Georgia New Richard B. Russell Building on the second floor gallery Special Collections Libraries from 8 a.m. until 5 p.m. located at: S. Hull Street. Confederate Memorial Day is Friday April 26, 2013 in Georgia.
Civil War letters, documents, artifacts and images from 1862 will also be displayed in observance of Confederate Memorial Day on the Campus of University of Georgia.
For more information, contact the Special Collections Libraries at 706-542-7123.}
From Virginia the committee reposted on face book and emails this great Confederate History Month billboard that could no doubt generate much publicity for the SCV, UDC and other groups that might sponsor one for 2012. What do you think?
The Chairman also has written a month’s worth of Confederate History and Heritage Month minutes that can be used for Radio, TV and Newspaper publication in 2013. See minutes at: http://confederateheritagemonth.com/heritage/2006/calvin_johnson.php
May God bless our efforts to remember those great Southern men and women of the Old South that are our inspiration today and God bless Dixie!
Lest We Forget!