From: Bazz Childress,
Date: Sun, Jul 12, 2009

As I no doubt have written previously, I am involved with the efforts of the Southern National Congress. (There are comments relating to the SNC in the link above):

Indeed, I recently became the interim Chairman of the Kentucky Delegation.  I would like to make a personal appeal to each of you who are part of my cyber world, to seriously consider, after deep thought and reflection, applying to be a delegate to the Congress.

You don’t have to read on if you do not wish.  The links above will say enough.  But to be personal, let me speak of why I view my involvement with the Ron Paul “Revolution” during last year’s Republican US Presidential primaries and the SNC as synergistic.  The best way to do that is to do so metaphorically – one that immediately (among others) comes to mind is the picture of a flooding river.

Over a decade ago, some of the worst flooding in many, many decades occurred in the Mid-West.  The folks worked feverishly to fill sand bags, reinforce levies and embankments to hold back rivers that slowly, relentlessly, remorselessly and inevitably were going to break their bounds and spread to places they should not be.

Ultimately, the folks working so hard to prevent what was always going to happen, due to the nature of the river (moving water is one of nature’s most powerful forces – think the hydroelectric dams dotted around the country) – had to shift their efforts from stopping the unstoppable- to seeking high ground and to wait for the waters to recede and for the opportunity for cleanup and re-building to begin.

We’ve been watching a flooding river sweep over our country for the last 144 years.  That river is federal power and like the river has flowed into places and matters in which it should not be.  That flowing, with restraints removed, began to break out of its breached embankments in 1865, when Hamilton won and Jefferson lost at the point of a sword.  Those restraints were the sovereign power of the States that made up the Union, as Jefferson and Madison articulated in the Kentucky and Virginia resolutions.

The States after 1865 began slowly to be inundated with that flood of federal power.  Today we are watching the result (think California in the aftermath of its insolvency and who will become its conservator).  That result was predicted just after the crucial year of 1865 in correspondence between Lord Acton (Sir John Dahlberg) with whose famous quote, ‘All power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely’ you may already be familiar.  A portion of that exchange:

       "…..The institutions of your Republic have not exercised on the old world the salutary and liberating influence which ought to have belonged to them, by reason of those defects and abuses of principle which the Confederate Constitution was expressly and wisely calculated to remedy. I believed that the example of that great Reform would have blessed all the races of mankind by establishing true freedom purged of the native dangers and disorders of Republics. Therefore I deemed that you were fighting the battles of our liberty, our progress, and our civilization; and I mourn for the stake which was lost at Richmond more deeply than I rejoice over that which was saved at Waterloo."
Lee replied:
"I am conscious of the compliment conveyed in your request for my opinion as to the light in which American politics should be viewed, and had I the ability, I have not the time to enter upon a discussion, which was commenced by the founders of the constitution and has been continued to the present day. I can only say that while I have considered the preservation of the constitutional party of the General Government to be the foundation of our peace and safety at home and abroad, I yet believe that the maintenance of the rights and authority reserved to the states and to the people, not only essential to the adjustment and balance of the general system, but the safeguard to the continuance of a free government. I consider it a chief source of stability to our political system, whereas the consolidation of the states into one vast republic, sure to be aggressive abroad and despotic at home, will be the certain precursor of that ruin which has overwhelmed all those that have preceded it…….The South has contended only for the supremacy of the Constitution, and the just administration of the laws made in pursuance to it."

Later Dahlberg wrote an analysis of the war in which he said:
"By exhibiting the spectacle of a people claiming to be free, but whose love of freedom means hatreds of inequality, jealousy of limitations to power, and reliance on the States as an instrument to mould as well as to control society, it calls on its admirers to hate aristocracy and teaches its adversaries to fear the people….The North has used the doctrines of Democracy to destroy self-government. The South applied the principle of conditional federation to cure the evils and to correct the errors of a false interpretation of Democracy

[and the inevitable result of an unfettered federal government will be] the initiative in administration; the function of universal guardian and paymaster; the resources of coercion, intimidation, and corruption; the habit of preferring the public interest of the moment to the established law; ………….. a public creditor; a prodigious budget – these things will remain to the future government of the Federal Union, and will make it approximate more closely to the imperial than to the republican type of democracy."

Today there is no question that Lee’s and Dahlberg’s predictions above have come true.  There have been several markers for me within my lifetime, but what has happened within the last year are some of the most telling.  The early markers so many of us took in stride as simply the pendulum swing of political poles as if they were the natural “ebb and flow” of water levels.  We did not understand soon enough.  Indeed, many thought that the flood of federal power was permanently restrained in the Reagan Revolution.

But Reagan was followed by 3 administrations that have blown the federal debt level, (Reagan himself ended up being a no small talent in that regard) to unprecedented (and un-repayable) levels.   Worse, the drumbeat to turn the United States over to a new level of power concentration – the international mandates, control and sovereignty claims of the United Nations, has increased to the point that the US House of Representatives just passed a “Cap and Trade” bill that is the first step to an international tax (the “carbon credits” etc) and another and significant marker toward giving credibility to the idea that a world Sovereign is appropriate.  (In fact, several US Supreme Court justices having already been remarking they intend to start citing international case law in deciding our domestic cases).

The above however is connected to a larger matter, which to understand requires one to “follow the money”.  Power is money and money means power, hence all “Executive Powers” want unrestrained control and access to it, as Rothschild said, to control the money of a country – is to control that country.  Let’s put two and two together.  The facility by which the US is controlled is the Federal Reserve System [the FED].  Do due to the actions of the FED itself, we were told late last year that we faced a financial crisis the means to deal with which were passed between 15 Sept 2008 and 15 Oct 2008.  I said at the time such marked the true final end of whatever was left of the old Republic.

I judged so, because the solution to that problem (an astronomically increased federal debt beyond all comprehension) threatens to collapse the value of the instrument (the US dollar) that through US Treasury debt, denominated in the dollar, comprises a significant portion of the capital reserves of the international financial system.  We are on a knife’s edge of disaster, which I warned about 16 months ago> Qou Vadis< and so much so that we are now hearing calls for a new reserve currency, indeed perhaps of international control.   One wonders if any of these actions are connected.

Well yes, it’s all connected.  Using federal debt instruments as bank reserves began under the Lincoln Administration after 1863 and the method put in place (which is being used again in reverse for the same purpose), was the means by which the US Government financed its assault on de-centralized power.  Today, the extent of that federal debt is being used for an excuse to concentrate power into a global rather than a continental power.  And what helped enable that transition?  The federal legislation of last fall that yet again provided another example of disregard for the Constitution.

Today we have an Executive Power (who like his predecessors use(d) Lincoln as their model) and who is using that accrued power in ways that are unprecedented and will increase it.  The recent GM bankruptcy being a prime example where the law in the matter called for an entirely different result than the current administration could arrange had they followed the law.  But no matter the law, the result was gained regardless of the law through the intimidating use of that executive power – that result being government and labor union ownership of that entity and the looting of bond and equity holders positions in the company.  Indeed, the news now is that after all the bailouts and stimuli and bankruptcies, the US Govt now controls 70% of the profits generated in this country.

Ron Paul, US Representative from a Texas Congressional district has been warning about these matters for many years.  Paul was one of the first people to start filling sand bags when the signs and portents began to gather decades ago.  And it is significant that in his appearance on Meet the Press during last year’s campaign – he was forced to defend his low regard for Lincoln and his beliefs on the US Civil War.  I joined in the effort to back him in the same spirit.  The waters are rising (can’t you see it and from whence it all springs?)– let’s strengthen the levies and see if we can hold the flood back.  All my emails in the last few years have been to enable the seeing of it and to provide the correct historical context.

We are now however, at that critical moment when fast approaches the decision whether to continue to work on the sand bags and the levies or to seek higher ground.  That cusp moment is where I have found myself in being part of the Ron Paul crowd and also the Southern National Congress.

All empires eventually fail.  They end because they rule finally by the shrewd manipulation of fear and shame.   There is always something to fear, “enemies” of every complexion – ruin of economic and social varieties always lurking.  The claim is always – let us run things and we will protect you from others and yourselves and life will be good.  Just serve us and all will go well.  They have always bankrupted themselves by enticing their population with emoluments and with their wars and the resulting financial debasement caused thereby – and become victim to the “us” versus “them” conflicts they create to divide and conquer their subjects.

We are hearing astonishing claims today from what has become the US Imperium.  Two examples:  First, that as the current president’s predecessor put it ‘the job of the United States is to conquer evil in the world’ and promptly we invade an oil producing Iraq, in the name of protecting ourselves from evil, practiced under the auspices of the authority of an international mandate from the United Nations, but that enables the US (but more importantly whatever power that will follow after our engineered collapse) to have control of that most oil intensive part of the planet.  When such project is finished, the average US citizen will be impoverished and it all will have been accomplished through the service to the United States military services of our own neighbors and kin, financed with our own money – made possible by the blindness created by a false history of the country and that combination of fear and shame [more on shame in a bit], and because we are blind don’t see our government is not acting in our interests any longer.

Second, and connected are the arguments about the necessity of controlling the temperature of the globe.  Let me repeat that – the necessity of controlling the temperature of the globe!!.  That simply can’t be done.  And of course it must be done because we need to assure our energy resources – interestingly, war, financial and tax policy now matches up to cause energy to become very expensive – who will benefit given what I’ve written so far?  Yes, that’s a rhetorical question.  The answer of course is that empires always find a way to concentrate power (which is to say they find a way to extract wealth through sophisticated tax schemes to steal from their subjects).

But making these claims is an arrogance about the extent of human power that has a source.  In the two offered examples one encounters the enormities that grew out of the French Revolution, when the Enlightenment thinkers  –the Rationalists and Romantics – first began to deposit us on these shores by producing that Revolution.   Their claim is that we can control nature (the Rationalists) and conquer evil (the Romantics).  The two camps each now have become so intertwined that it’s become nearly impossible to sort out, but each in their own way is produced from a picture of humans that is concentrated on service to self and the idea that the self should be unrestrained.

We have seen what a world without restraints can produce in the two hundred years since the French Revolution began to roil the planet – and still roils it.  The story is not yet done.  We are yet caught up in it.  One of the significant ways we in the South in particular (but really now all of us) are “caught up in it” is the shame operation.   The French Revolution shamed the French Monarchy with its abuse of the French Peasantry  – and after they had been empowered to rise up, the peasantry’s claimed representatives sliced off the heads of the nobility.  Later, their leader Robespierre would lose his own head when the Revolution began to consume itself — and what France got was a gangster tyrant named Napoleon who ignited the violence still roiling the world.

For a time Napoleon was thought corralled.  That began to unravel when in the united States, the false arguments about the existence of slavery and the existence of slaves became a shaming operation that helped ignite a war that produced the singularity called the United States and not unlike Robespierre, Lincoln, the author of that initial sophistry and America’s Napoleon and Robespierre wrapped all together in one personality, was consumed by his own revolution.

Due to the situation in our early years, this Egalitarian claim of the French Revolution, that all restraints and oppressions should end on humans collectively, involved “race”.  (To fully flesh that out, not to be punny, would take a separate tome), but again involves unobtainable goals – there will always be distinctions about particular humans and the societies they produce – the great error of the Egalitarian claim is that human freedom can be obtained by concentrated power – indeed the giving of such power in the name of producing what can’t be produced in fact nor with such means, has produced enormous slaughters in the last two hundred years- two of the greatest of which are the two bookends, the War for Southern Independence and World War One.  Our world was produced from the foundations laid in between them.   Since then, erected on that foundation, is, despite showing a modern face, that old hydra headed Ancient tyranny of which Ron Paul and so many others have spoken but now given the modern name, Fascism.

The South fought to restrain the accumulation of such concentrated power.  It did so because it disagreed with this impossible Egalitarian claim and the financial ruin possible, by seeing fully on both counts where we were headed [think back to the Lee/Acton quote above and to what I will put in some thoughts on the matter in a long post post script which was an exchange with a local reporter a few years ago].  Our masters know full well that the South and its symbols, representing that old de-centralized Republic are their chief enemy, hence the incessant claims in our “new” Jacobin era to see them through a “racial” filter.  Southerners who fall for it are not friends of the South or human freedom.  The growth of the modern Southern Heritage Movement, Confederate Flag controversies, calls for “hate legislation” etc are markers.

This deliberately engendered confusion on “race” is the chief impediment to anyone or any group who speaks in support of that old Jeffersonian Republic that has been so successfully identified, but incorrectly and deceptively, as ‘oppressive, racist, anachronistic etc etc’   Attempts are made to taint the SNC  with such as well.  So as a member of the Board of Governors as well as interim Chairman for Kentucky, let me state that there is only one human “race”.  However, there are many human cultures.  And they are produced from stories about how we can live together in peace as much as possible with all the attendant powers and authorities, growing from our various levels of distinction we establish to accomplish such peaceful associations growing from those tales.  Our current ruling elites are the enemies of that operation and have become gangsters themselves by their actions to deprive us of the means to live in peace.

One culture to date has produced where I want to stand and with whom- the culture which has understood that we are to serve one another rather than dominate and rob one another.  Where “Love God and love your neighbor as yourself’ is the guiding spirit.  That spirit cannot live where power seeks to coerce in order steal and force certain social results (of whatever sort, even if they might be worthy).  That is the dividing line – not party, not skin color, not anything else.  Do you seek to serve something greater than your own desires for the benefit of your fellow travelers or not? (However you come to that place) – and do you believe in liberty (the restrained use of power and service to it) or not?

The SNC, I believe, is an opportunity to ‘stand with your neighbors’ of whatever color or level of understanding, or whatever other boundary as we seek higher ground in our attempt to escape the flood of tyranny that has been unleashed by all these falsehoods and arrogances.  Join us.

Basil D. (Bazz) Childress
Interim Chairman Kentucky Delegation
And Board Member representing Kentucky
Southern National Congress

PS-  For those of you on this list who fall outside the geographic boundaries of the current SNC effort (those States who had representatives in the Confederate Congress), please know that geographic area is not written in stone . (Indeed, Maryland’s acceptance last year is an example) and that any can attend as observers and are welcome to do to so.

PPS – excerpt of an email to an unnamed TV reporter with WTVQ Lexington, Kentucky”

“…The whole of the “race” issue post dates the “American Civil War”, the development of which in this country was put into place to justify what the north’s war of conquest for money and power (the quest of which founds all wars), of the South and control of the US government was meant to accomplish.  The particulars of that conquest forms the foundation of the world in which we all now live, and is why “the war has not ended”.  The schizophrenia,…has yielded domestically a government dedicated to the proposition that the purpose of the US government has always been to eradicate traditional/racist/backward/religionist thinking both at home and abroad.  Those of us whose ancestors fought on behalf of a different worldview and result disagree.  That continued disagreement is exactly why those electoral college maps look as they do and the perverse effect of that schizophrenia is a government divided not along the Mason Dixon line, but now down every Main Street in the country, over cultural issues (rather than the concocted “racial context”) and yielding a foreign policy also Jacobin in its practice and which now has us on the verge of the next round of potential cataclysm.

You modern Jacobins (whether you know you are one or not), demand the rest of us accede to your list of false choices.  Those false choices demand that we accept the mandate of modern Jacobin prescriptions be adopted which are inevitably in conflict with the constitutional principles of this country’s founding- hence your incessant questions about segregation and the 1960s civil rights legislation.  We are asked to believe that the cessation of the mistreatment of the descendants of former slaves depends on that Jacobin interpretation of history and that the destruction of the founding constitutional principles of our government in order to affect “racial justice” must be disregarded.

That demand is of course, nonsense.  Such nonsense is the foundation of the way you ended part one of your report – that HK Edgerton had spoken positively of slavery et al.  Don’t forget I was there – what Mr. Edgerton proclaimed to you regarding slavery was nothing more or less than what a former actual slave, named Booker T. Washington proclaimed around a century ago in his book Up From Slavery. – [have you read it?]  To wit:  That for all of slavery’s pernicious effects, those effects in their American context, given that slavery has been with us during the whole of the human experience pre-dating such a thing as the South by centuries, had at least given Booker and HK the opportunity to be born into a culture that their own African roots would never and did not in fact produce – and for which each was thankful, despite the travails of slavery, for that inclusion.

Booker’s view of course, was overthrown by the Marxist founders of the NAACP whose view of such “racial justice” was founded on the Marxist view of history propounded by that organization’s founder WEB Dubois, which you either ignorantly or deviously reflect.  Therefore, much as one encounters with “optical illusions”, whether one sees Confederate symbols as “racist” or as a symbol of an appropriate constitutional defense to these problems given to us through the hypocritical northern filter which we have inherited, that filter being the very one which founds the modern KKK, an organization you want to discredit (as do we) but with which you want to associate the Southern Cause, but that in actuality reflects a northern explanation of this country’s history based on ideals which post-dated the issues over which the north and South fought those many years ago.  That of which I have just written is exactly why Mr. Edgerton pointed out to you that the US Supreme Court decisions that sanctioned segregation were passed 8 to1 by northern appointees to that court and the sole dissenting vote was from a Southerner appointed to that court. ….”


From: HK Edgerton,
Date: July 13, 2009

Dear Bazz,

After reading this, I could retire and just push the forward button on my computer every morning to every email address that I know or could find any and everywhere. I would hope that your book is on the shelves soon. Not only does our country need it, but also the world. Thanks ! I hope that those in Washington who frequent my web site will take the time to read this and act on it in a manner that will save us all.

Your Brother,