I am appalled by the ACC’s decision
From: gregdiamond@bellsouth.net
I fired off a letter from the link provided that made my decision clear on the matter.  They might as well write off the bulk of the conference schools.  We had a similar situation here in Georgia a few years back.  That’s how we wound up with the hideous blue thing Barnes called a "flag".  The NCAA was going to move the Final Four from Atlanta, Major League baseball threatened to move the All Star game.  The NFL threatened to move the Super Bowl. 
I thank the good Lord that here in Georgia, the SCV keeps a powerful lobbying status in Atlanta.  We finally got to vote on the flag.  That blue rag or a version of the 1st national Confederate flag.  The battle flag didn’t go far.  It’s on Georgia SCV members license plates. It looks sharp too.
Greg Diamond