Apology for Slavery

From: molinric@gmail.com

To All- I have just finished reading the POS "So called Apology" for the Slavery issue, put out by the US House. Never, in my fifty eight years, have I read anything so Blatantly Stupid. In this Piece of Trash, the statement is given; "Whereas slavery was not officially abolished until the passage of the 13th Amendment to the United States Constitution in 1865 after the end of the Civil War, which was fought over the slavery issue: Unquote!

Kiss my Lilly White Patootie. If the War (Read REBELLION) was fought over Slavery, then "Marse Linkum" was a LIAR!! Did the guy FREE anyone? Hell no, and Grant said, when asked what he was fighting for, "If I thought that this fight was over the issue of Slavery, I should have offered my Sword over to the other side".

Look, Folks, some of us, White, to be sure, are here as a direct result of one or more of our Ancestors being knocked in the head, thrown in the hold of a ship, brought to the COLONIES and sold "Like the Very Beast of Burden" as MY Ancestor, Charles Springer put it in a Letter sent to his home, when he was FREED AFTER FIVE YEARS ENSLAVEMENT.

There being no Slavery for Life, he was given his "Head Rights" and freed.

I have an idea- Let’s go one step further. I think that they (The Gummint) should determine exactly who had an ancestor who was a Slave; they should issue THAT person an 8"x11 " Embossed, Suitable for Framing, Apology. And be DONE with it. Anyone who doesn’t accept it, or who wants some Cheese to go with their Whine, shall be given a one-way ticket to the African Country of their choice, and subsidized for a period of 3 months, to get on their feet. Outside of that, simply shut up.

As for me, Thanks, Charles, for being so ‘In your Cup’s" after graduating from University in London, that you got Shanghaied, Hogtied, Knocked in the head and thrown into the hold of a ship. I, for one, am here, in America, as a direct result of another man’s troubles. And, Boy’s and Girl’s- – – I ain’t Whining.

Rick Myrtue, in Missouri

Deo Vendice

Long Live the South