Apologize my a**

From: wildbill4dixie@yahoo.com

Sent this short letter out in written form to Congressman Steven Cohen of Tennessee, sponsor of the "Apology for Slavery" resolution. Also cc’d it to my own Congressman, who I have no doubt voted for it, as well as the Congressional Black Circus, err, I mean "Caucus": congressionalblackcaucus@mail.house.gov.

If this doesn’t get me on the FBI watch list, nothing will.

Congressman Steven Cohen
1004 Longworth House
Office Building
Washington, DC 20515

Mr. Cohen

I condemn you and your fellow fools in the House for adopting the recent "apology" for slavery resolution. And I especially condemn you for initiating it. Further, and most importantly, I condemn you and all who voted in the affirmative for not listening to your constituents. We both know that if we polled the American people on this resolution that the majority of them would vote "no"…. but you all went ahead and voted for it anyway.

Most of us out here have no wish to pander (which is what you’re really doing) or to grovel before anyone. We see no need to apologize on behalf of past peoples because they simply did what was common in their time. We see no sense in apologizing for slavery, something which every society since the dawn of time has had, including (and especially) those “societies”, (if you can call them “societies”), in Africa itself. Nor do we see any need to prostrate ourselves before a colony of slugs like the Congressional Black Caucus. If you choose, Mr. Cohen, to get down on your knees before them and do a “Monica Lewinsky”, well, that’s your choice. But do not expect the rest of us out here to join you. We don’t see being white as being a crime Mr. Cohen. In fact, if it weren’t for our European ancestors, most of the world would be living in mud huts, wearing loin cloths, and eating each other. And it would be nice if you and your fellow fools in the House would try admitting this instead of trying to sow the seeds of self loathing in our children.

No, Mr. Cohen, most of us out here choose not to apologize – but you cowards in the House went ahead and did it for us anyway. I hope that you live long enough to see the diseased fruit which your apology will bear and I hope that you live long enough to see your kids swimming in the sewer of a society that you and your neutered wonders in the "House" are helping to create. You are a disgrace to America, to its civilization, and to the people who built her. Assuming that you still believe that there is such a place, I hope you rot in hell.

Bill Vallante
Commack NY