Southern-Apologist Turncoats


Southern Apologist-Turncoats may coat their motives with honey to deceive us, but folks who are not stupid, see through the sticky veneer obscuring the lies.

The faithless Southerners– who toady to the NAACP and the ethnics behind the attacks on our historical flag– are evil people. They do commit treason. The modern apologizing efforts of Southern whites are murderous to the Confederates’ cause, and to truth. The apologists support the historical lies of the Marxists who, with their good buddy Lincoln, engineered mass murders and genocide throughout the South. There can be no denial, Southern apologists are traitors and have committed treason even if their apologies are but the result of their ignorance and not of their greed or other motives even more abhorrent.

On bended knees they should apologize, alright—but to the whites and the blacks , the Episcopalians, the Presbyterians, the Catholics, the Methodists, the Baptists, the Jewish and Southerners of all religions– all who are descendants of the whites and the blacks who were Confederate warriors fighting under the Cross of Saint Andrews for Southern liberty and for the original United States Constitution.

The South supported the Declaration of Independence, and the Articles of Confederation as adapted and placed in the original U.S. Constitution. The South refused to accept the version of the Constitution which had been re-interpreted, shredded, and left in grotesque pieces by the world’s most efficient liar-propagandists, Abe Lincoln and his Marxists–led Republican Party, army and government.

Just as the Southern Apologists are traitors to truth, the Lincolnites, one and all committed treason to the U.S. Constitution and murdered to alter the Republic created by the founding fathers who authored, voted on and approved the Constitution.

Treason and murder ever kept together,
As two yoke-devils sworn to either’s purpose.
[Attributed to William Shakespeare (1564–1616) -but -probably written by Francis Bacon. King Henry, in Henry V, act 2, sc. 2, l. 105-6.]

How much better this world would be if the Vikings had never enslaved captives, although some of us with Viking DNA might not exist today.

How much better this world would be if the American Indians had not taken slaves in battle, nor had the Puritans, nor had the Greeks or the Romans, although the great Romans could not have become so civilized had it not been for their Greek captives.

How much better the world would be if those first black winners of tribal wars in Africa had not sold their slaves to Muslims, to the Europeans, and then to New Englanders, although all blacks would, likely, still be living only in Africa today without air-conditioning and free school books and access to remarkable medical care and with much shorter life expectancies.

How much better this world would be if the British had not enslaved white children, using them in mines there and selling them to work and die as slaves of Northern factory owners, although the few survivors of those prisoners might not be paying or receiving social security in the U.S. today.

How much better our world would be, if the South had had nearer the same number of men, the same amount of guns, the same amount of ammunition as the Lincolnite-Marxist inspired invaders!

How much better our world would be if Lincoln and his henchman had been prevented from their stealing of that long ago election that gave the Marxist Republicans all power.

How much better the world would be if Americans would cease to think that the election of Abe Lincoln proved that elections are always conducted by honest men and result in honest results

How much better this world would be if President Jefferson Davis’s great goodness and devotion to the U.S. Constitution were honored throughout this land.

How much better this world would be if treason to the U.S. Constitution did not continue on.

How much better this world would be if Southern turncoats were encouraged to move to Liberia where they could make valuable contributions to the government there.