Re: Anti-Southern/Confederate bigotry and propaganda never abates, and may actually be increasing to counter the refutations that the internet revolution is providing.
This is the kind of treatment that Southerners are going to get so long as they remain a part of the American Empire.  In this extremely offensive episode of "The Colbert Report" from Comedy Central, the gratuitous use of the Confederate Battle Flag in a piece about the Ku Klux Klan, called "Laser Klan", is actually the usual propaganda we and our children are forced to endure from the Mainstream Media and the moronic purveyors of this sort of anti-Southern/Confederate bigotry.  Shows like this and "The Daily Show with Jon Stewart", also on Comedy Central, are extremely popular with young people.  The deliberate linking of openly despised "hate groups" with this beloved symbol of the South’s fight for separation, self-determination, and independence is so ill-informed and propagandistic that young people are left with an indelible impression that is not easily refuted without taking the time to actually study history…which few are encouraged, and therefore inclined to undertake. 
Here is an example of the usual smearing done on Jon Stewarts "The Daily Show": 
And then there are these as well….