Your anti-Southern Bigotry


Mr. Thompson,

I have heard of your ridiculous demands made upon the SCV in order for them to participate in your event. Surely this must be some sort of misunderstanding or miscommunication? I am certain that you did not actually discriminate against the SCV by basically telling them that no Southern culture was allowed at this event being held in the Southern state of Georgia? Certainly no other groups participating in this event are held to such ridiculous circumstances in order to attend this event?

May I remind you, sir, that the Confederate soldiers were U.S. soldiers according to the U.S. Congress and that all symbols, flags and banners of the Confederacy are also considered U.S. flags according to the U.S. Congress and can not be discriminated against as such. This type of bigotry against the South, her heritage and people will stop and that is what you have done in this instance sir.

I urge you to reconsider your demand that no symbols of the Confederacy be allowed at your event on Southern soil and an apology be made to the SCV for your ignorance.

God Save The South

Eric Meadows
Rome, Georgia