Response to anti-SCV Letter to editor


Time to douse the flag controversy?
Catoosa County News, GA

Dear Editors:

As a retired US veteran, I was saddened by Mr. Shadden’s recent letter to the editor. He may have an engineering degree, but he is no history major.

Mr. Shadden must have forgotten that our Revolutionary forefathers, not unlike Confederates, decided they would prefer a government more suited to their needs. They were tired of unfair taxation which profited others at their expense. They felt it was their God-given right to break away from that government even though it promised them citizenship in the most powerful nation in the world with unparalleled military might.

Eventually, they decided to defend their right to self-government through force of arms. During that conflict, their British enemy offered emancipation to any slave who would fight for the king. Despite this, these patriots prevailed, and slavery continued. It is most likely Mr. Shadden celebrates their victory every July 4th.

Confederate soldiers were no different from their Revolutionary forefathers. There was no threat to slavery when the Civil War began, and their sole desire was to establish their own government–a right that every citizen believed was theirs. When their homes and families were threatened with invasion, they, like their Revolutionary ancestors, rose up to defend them.

I would advise Mr. Shadden to study our history more. He must be reading too many northern versions of the tragic conflict.

Dr. Arnold M. Huskins
Augusta, Ga.