BJ’s anti-Confederate Stance


While a protest — written or otherwise — is the FIRST STEP, there are some others to take.

For example, is this employee being treated differently from others? Is his Confederate flag banned while an African unity flag is allowed? Sounds like a violation of his civil rights under Federal and Florida law. Time to get the lawyers involved!

Everyone with some spare change should buy one or more shares of BJ’s stock. What’s fun is to get everyone together who does this and sign proxies for one to go to the annual convention. There you can sign up to speak before the assembled stockholders. Of course your example will not be an employee with a Confederate flag, but an employee with one of those African unity flags. What sort of lawsuit would be risked by the company? Watch the fun as the corporate powers-that-be go into side-shuffle mode to prove they’re "really" "inclusive" and not "divisive" in the local community. Be sure to mention "Obama" and "meaningful change" in the board of directors.

Alerting the local press before the convention is another good thing, since most companies try their best to avoid bad publicity.

After the convention, dump the stock. Even at a loss, you get a tax credit for it.

(Been on both sides of this — corporate and shareholder.)

John Whatley
Confederate Author