MoC’s Award to anti-Confederate author



My reply to the MoC’s deliriously joyous message of the conveyance of an award on the Lee book:

Dear Ms. Willard,

This “award” strikes me as worse than inexplicable. The author is a politically correct hatchet-wielding anti-Southern liberal whose preconceived notions about Robert E. Lee constitute the totality of her book. Certainly, she does make a clever – and dishonest – use of some of Lee’s letters as a means of validating her own prejudices, but this work is about as “scholarly” and “objective” as the writings of Dr. Goebbels. It isn’t Lee who was “out of touch”, it is this woman – out of touch with history, out of touch with truth and certainly out of touch with Lee.

Of course “historians and judges” applaud her work. These are the same folks who applaud and/or are the Lincoln mythologists who make a saint out of a tyrant. These are the same folks who, while condemning Andersonville in the most bitter of terms, fail to notice Elmira, Fort Douglas, Camp Morton and all the other Northern hell-holes! These are the same folks who write about the nobility of the genocide Sherman, the mendacious and barbarous Sheridan and the egotistical, empty-headed Custer (at least in the last case, there was some justice after all). And these are the same “historians and judges” who have elevated the tyrant Lincoln, his tyrannous government and his inhumane military to the status of secular demigods and “preservers of the Union and the Constitution” – though they slew both. I’m not at all surprised that they drool and slobber over this literary hatchet job on a man who greatness and nobility have entirely eluded the ignorant woman who wrote this book!

What I can’t understand is why the MoC has seen fit to fall into lock step with these people! Don’t they have enough of their own museums and shrines? And if they want it all, why do some people who ostensibly revere Southern heritage and history – including the Confederate States of America and its heroes – have to hand the victory to them on a silver award! I am simply appalled that this is what is going on in the MoC! If this is what we have to look forward to in the future, obviously Southern history and heritage will soon be as irrelevant and moribund as the tombs of the pharaohs. Surely, actively participating in destroying everything about the culture and the history of a People to conform to the politically correct version of “history” while “saving” a few pretty relics constitutes a betrayal of the mission and meaning of the Museum. I can see no other conclusion to reach and it deeply saddens me.

Valerie Protopapas