Candice Yvonna Hardwick:  Answering the inquiry


Dear Chuck,

Candice so reminds me of your baby girl. She has had everything imaginable happen to her because she made an Honorable Stand for all of us who claim to be Southern. Her attorney’s donned black coats, black hats, dark sun glasses, put her in the middle, took a picture with the caption, Justice is coming, and then made a tee shirt of it. And all she has received is terror. The Puritans literally ran her out of school. Thugs broke into her locker, death threats, her car stolen, and just lately her car tire just mysteriously came off as she was driving on the freeway. Add this in with she was told she was going to be made an example out of. Any student that ever attended Latta High or any other place in the country would think twice when and if they ever tried to mimic Candice Yvonna Hardwick of Latta.

I have implored everyone who would listen, or read for us all to rally around Candice, and make the example for the whole of the world to see just how we take care of our Champions, especially the babies, and so far as of today, Friday, July 15, 2011, that plea for donations to be sent directly to her (Candice Hardwick, 2942 Hunter Way, Dillon, S.C.) has yielded a grand total of $70 coming from two donors. Ask me, how sad can I be? God bless you and thanks for asking about how Candice is doing. A lot better than I..

Your brother,